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10 Amazing Blogger Facebook Groups You Need To Join

When you are trying to grow a blog and build a business, creating community is one of THE most important things you need to do. Having a posse of fellow entrepreneurs is not only going to help you promote your site, but also to collaborate with others, get advice, share strategies, and stay motivated. I have found one of the very best tools for doing this is through Facebook groups. Facebook wasn’t where I expected to meet others and connect, but it has REALLY worked for me.

About a year ago I joined a whole bunch of groups, weeded out the ones that didn’t do much for me and were overrun with spammy promos or lacked content, and now am active in a handful that I personally love. If you are a blogger, especially one in the design / DIY / home niche, then I really recommend you join these groups. I can safely bet that they will soon be your go-to spots for advice on all things blogging biz!

10 Facebook groups you NEED to join if you are a blogger. If you blog about DIYs, home decor, or design, these groups are going to be your go-to spots for collaborating, building community, sharing resources, and generating traffic! Click through for the full list


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Alright, back to the Facebook groups. First up…

1 / Home and DIY Bloggers Biz Chat

Is it totally tacky to start with my own? OH WELL.

Yep, this is my Facebook group that I love and nurture like a baby.


This group is meant for all the DIY / design / home decor bloggers out there. It’s niche-specific, not spammy, and doesn’t have a geographic restriction to it. If you are looking to collaborate with other bloggers, get advice, share your posts in our weekly thread, and build your community, this is the spot. The group is dedicated to chatting blogging biz strategies with bloggers in your same niche – so the advice and tips will be really actionable and relevant.

Oh and I pop in every week for “Biz Tip Tuesday” on Facebook Live. So you get to see my face once a week and chat blogging biz with me. It’s so much fun – I love connecting with you this way!

How to join: Request to join the group here. Can’t wait to chat with you in the group.


2 / Blog + Biz BFFs

Blog + Biz BFFs is hosted by Melyssa Griffin. She’s the gal behind Pinfinite Growth – my fave online course that details how to grow your Pinterest and use it as a blog traffic machine! The group is meant for bloggers of all niches. It’s active with good threads but also a lot of questions and comments being regularly posted. Because it’s such a big group, there is always someone in there that is going to be able to help you out if you have a blog question – especially if it relates to creating digital products, online courses, email marketing, etc. Even though it’s a big group, I find it’s moderated really well.

How to join: Request to join the group here.


3 / Savvy Business Owners

This group is THE spot for any female entrepreneur. It’s hosted by Heather Crabtree and is full of super supportive women who help each other build their businesses. It isn’t specific to bloggers, but any entrepreneur will get a ton out of this group. I have posed questions in here before about all kinds of things from looking for feedback and advice on something I’m working on, to where to find certain products for my etsy shop, and always get amazing responses. You kinda feel like you get a big ol’ hug in this group – it’s just THAT nice.

How to join: You need to be a business owner (make sure you have your blog/biz listed in your facebook profile), and then sign up for Heather’s email list here in order to join. Once you’re signed up, she sends you a link to join the facebook group.


4 / For Love + Money

Caitlin Bacher hosts For Love + Money. It’s an active group with lots of great chatter, but is specifically useful for tips and resources on how to use instagram and facebook groups effectively to grow your audience and make sales. This group isn’t just for bloggers – there are other types of creative entrepreneurs – but I find a lot of the information is still valuable and relevant to bloggers.

How to join: Request to join the group here. There is also a free instagram course that Caitlin offers – so be sure to check that out. I signed up and got some great tips.


5 / Photography for your Blog + Biz

This group is hosted by Chaitra from PinkPot. It’s a group dedicated to photography and visuals, which is a bit different from the rest. Chaitra is an amazing photographer. She hosts weekly threads that include sharing your own stuff, what’s on your to-do list, tipday tuesdays, etc.

How to join: Request to join the group directly here. Plus, check out the link in the group description to get a free photo pack from Chaitra (they are gorgeous!)


6 / Blogging with Becky and Paula

Becky and Paula both run successful blogs, and then got together to run their own site dedicated to helping other bloggers grow their own blogs and businesses. This is a large group and I would say has a lot of bloggers in the mom/parenting/lifestyle areas (based on the threads I  read in there), but I do find that there can be helpful tips and good advice. Becky and Paula themselves regularly post tips and share strategies in the group.

How to join: Request to join here.


7 / Blogging Boost

Blogging Boost is a huuuuge group and spans any topic imaginable when it comes to blogging, so sometimes things might not apply or be a little random, but it can be a useful place to get blogging-specific advice or tips.

How to join: Request to join here.


8 / Blog Beautiful

Blog Beautiful, the group by Marianne of Design your Own Blog, helps creative female solopreneurs create beautiful online appearances that match their unique work and personalities. Marianne shares resources, tutorials, and threads in her facebook group that focus on blog design. So if you have a wordpress plugin question, advice on a logo, whatever, this is your spot!

Also, if you need more info and guidance on how to design a beautiful blog, Marianne has a stellar eBook, ‘Blog Beautiful’. Seriously, all the info you need on building a gorgeous site for yourself!!

How to join: You need to sign up for Marianne’s list here, and then you’ll be able to join the group.


9 / Blogging Over Breakfast

Gina from the Shabby Creek Cottage runs this Facebook group. She pops in live all the time to dish out blogging tips and advice and it is a really great spot to connect with other DIY and home bloggers (since that’s also Gina’s niche!).

How to join: Head here to ask to join the group.


10 / Mind Blowing DIY Bloggers of Awesomeness

This group is specifically for DIY bloggers. I wouldn’t call it a very active group, but if you are looking to get a specific DIY question answered, this is your spot! There are opportunities posted in here occasionally from brands looking to partner with DIY bloggers or from other bloggers looking for other DIY blog posts to feature in round-ups.

How to join: Request to join the group here.

Hope to see you in these groups! 

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