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8 Easy Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic and Pageviews

Page views and traffic can be a major obsession for bloggers.

Before we dive into strategies on how to increase blog traffic, let’s just set the record straight: Page views should NOT be the be-all-and-end-off of your success as a blogger.

You actually DON’T need huge numbers to make an income blogging (I talked about that here), and you shouldn’t stare at your numbers day in and day out. You can get stuck in the rat race of trying to build your views, and it can be so discouraging if it takes a while to get there or whenever you see a dip.

So just remember all that as we go through this post, OK?

Having said that, you DO need to get some eyeballs on your content in order to grow your blogging biz. I have rounded up some of the best strategies to help drive traffic to your site, particularly as a blogger in the home decor and DIY niche.


How to Grow your Blog Traffic:

1 // Have a Strong  Pinterest Strategy

I have said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but Pinterest has GOT to be on your radar as a blogger. It’s a MAJOR traffic generator for bloggers in any genre, but especially in the home + DIY niche. It’s a visual search engine, and design and decorating is ALL about the visuals.

Pinterest is my #1 traffic generator, and I know that many of my blogging friends would tell you the same. If you are going to spend time on any platform, this should be it.

There are lots of things you can do to improve your Pinterest game to make sure you are using it to it’s capacity. There is a 3-pronged strategy you want to put in place: Pin your new content to your own boards, pin all of your content to group boards, and pin other people’s content to your boards.

Make sure that the images on your blog are Pinterest-friendly: beautiful, vertical, and have good 1-2 sentence descriptions in the alt-tag.

Check out this post for tactics to grow your Pinterest.

And this post to set up your pinning on autopilot using Boardbooster.

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One of my favourite people to follow for Pinterest advice is Katie Ahl from Simple Pin Media. She’s gold! Get on her email list for sure.


2 // Pay Attention to SEO

SEO (“search engine optimization”) is super important so that your blog posts come up as high as possible in google searches. Writing an evergreen post (ie. one that doesn’t go out of style) that ranks high in Google will continue to bring you traffic for months and years to come.

There are tons of factors at play that go into how Google ranks pages, and it isn’t the most straight-forward thing, but there are some basic things you can do to improve your ranking.

The first is to install some kind of SEO plugin on your site to make sure each post is optimized. I personally like the Yoast SEO plugin that gives you a green light when you are good to go.

Secondly, you need to use a good keyword phrase. You will be identifying a new keyword phrase for each blog post you write. The phrase should be 2-4 words in length, and something that you can imagine people would search for (and you want them to land on your post). This post, for example, would be “increase blog traffic”.

There are a number of keyword search tools you can use to do research on your keyword phrase. Google Keyword Tool (but you now need to have an AdWords account), Google Trends, SEOBook, Moz, and more.

So for example, say you were writing a post on faucets. You would want to do some research into google to see what the search term is that a lot of people are searching for. If “brass kitchen faucets” is a highly searched term, then you would want to use that as your keyword for that blog post. It could be something like “20 affordable brass kitchen faucets to transform your space”. You would aim to use that same “brass kitchen faucets” phrase in your title, throughout your post, and again in your meta-description.

I know all of this can be overwhelming, but even just doing the basics for better SEO will be great for your posts to help drive traffic to your site from Google.


3 // Submit your Post for Features

Submitting your blog posts to other larger sites to get featured is a great way to help bring some of their traffic over to your blog. Having other sites link to you is also a great way of boosting your blog’s overall SEO.

An example of a feature would be getting a room makeover showcased on Apartment Therapy. They would feature some photos of the transformation, but link to your blog as the source of the images. Then the interested readers from that post would click on over to your site and hopefully become raving fans of yours.

It’s an amazing feeling to get featured on big sites that you follow and love. It really makes your day!

There are lots of big sites out there that you can submit your work to. I have built up a list over the years of sites that offer features – it’s like my handy little reference tool whenever I do a really stellar project or have a room makeover I would love to get some extra attention. Instead of keeping it all to myself and making you do the legwork of creating your own list, I thought I would just share it here with you!

Click below and I’ll send you the list straight to your inbox. It has over 25 websites where you can do submissions!

Get the list of over 25 submission sites!

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The only caveat I’d throw in here is that it can be time consuming to send out your work to a bunch of sites. I would watch closely to see which sites actually feature your work often, and track whether you get much traffic whenever there is a feature. This will help you know which sites are worth your time submitting to.


4 // Amplify Across Social Media (repeatedly)

I’m guessing that you already have yourself set up across several social media platforms – be it facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. Remember that only a tiny percentage of your followers on each of these platforms are actually see your content when you post. I think it’s like less than 5%? Those damn algorithms.

So don’t stress about over-sharing your blog posts across social media. I promise that no one is going to complain of being bombarded by it, since they will very likely only see a small portion.

This means you want to have a strategy in place for regularly sharing your blog posts (both new and older ones) across your social media platforms often. I just recycle through my older content and keep mixing it up with other things, like favourite finds, sharing other bloggers’ posts, and promo’s for my etsy shop.

I want you to create a schedule like this for all of your social media platforms and use a scheduling tool to batch schedule it all out in advance. Check out my Blogger Resources for my favourite scheduling tools.


5 // Share your Posts in Facebook Share Threads

Facebook groups have become quite a popular way of bloggers helping bloggers to share their content. Search around for facebook groups in your niche, and see if they have facebook share threads. Usually what you do is share your own blog post link, and then send the love back by sharing and interacting with other bloggers’ posts.

Like submitting for features, I would suggest that you monitor which threads actually produce a good result for you in terms of engagement building and traffic. Don’t spend hours on Facebook everyday submitting your links all over the place if it’s not bringing back tangible results.

Here are some blogger Facebook groups you might want to check out.


6 // Truncate your Posts

Did you realize that every click a person makes on your site means another page view?

If you have your blog setup so that each blog post is “truncated” – ie. has only a snippet of the text on the main page and the reader has to click “continue reading” or “read more” to get to the rest of the post – that just totally increased your page views. Same person, but double the views when they click on the button to get to the rest of the post. It’s also just a nicer way of showing off more posts on one page (and your reader can click the posts they are interested in, versus having to scroll through a ton of text).

If you look on my homepage, you’ll see an example of this. See how there are half a dozen of my latest posts but you have to click on “continue reading” to get to them? That’s truncating!



To actually do this, you’ll need to look into your blog theme and platform to change the settings to truncate. Usually it’s a checkbox located in the theme settings area.


7 // Be Consistent

Another way of increasing your traffic is actually just to make sure you are being consistent. Choose how often you want to publish to your blog, and then pick a particular day(s) of the week and stick to it.

It’s surprising how this can actually affect blog traffic. If your loyal readers know that you post every Tuesday morning, they will start to come to your site regularly at this time knowing they can expect a new update.

I used to think that this wouldn’t play a huge role, but it’s been shown over and over again that once a blogger gets super consistent with their publishing schedule, their traffic goes up (even if the number of posts doesn’t go up – just the consistency of them).

Grab my free editorial calendar below and get planning!

Editorial Calendar & Goal Setting Worksheets

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Grab these free templates (the exact ones I use!) to help you plan out your blog content and set goals. Your productivity is about to go through the roof, yo.

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8 // Collaborate with Other Bloggers

This one is equal parts fun and advantageous for your blog. Since every blogger has a different audience, if you are able to collaborate with other bloggers in your niche, you can share your audiences and both grow your readerships. The idea here is that you write guest posts for each other, include links back to your own blog, and then when you publish you are each directing your readers to the other’s site.

If swapping guest posts takes too much time or isn’t up your alley, there are totally other ways to do this too. You could gather a group of bloggers together and do a series – like a house tour series or a DIY project series of some kind. Each post in the series links to the others, so it encourages readers to click around and check out the other bloggers’ posts.

Another option is simply to do a lot of sharing of other bloggers’ stuff on social media. By sharing their work, they are likely to check out yours and share it back. Bloggers are nice people and it’s all about spreading the love!


That’s a wrap! 8 tried and true strategies for increasing page views and blog traffic.


Free List of Submission Sites:

If you are a home / DIY blogger, don’t forget to download your free list of submission sites below. Save yourself the time of creating your own list and just use mine! Click below to get it sent straight to your inbox.

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How to Increase Blog Traffic and Pageviews | The tried and true ways I have grown my DIY and home decor blog. Tips & tricks for bloggers to help grow their blog and make money blogging. Plus a list of submission websites you can use to submit your posts for features. Click through for the free download!


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