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The Printable Blog Planner That Will Help You Grow Your Blog Biz

Do you want to double or triple your productivity as a blogger?

Start actually using an editorial calendar and goal-setting method and stick to it?

Use a system for each blog post that will ensure it’s written in an evergreen, SEO and Pinterest-ready way?

Then grab your coffee and keep reading. I’ve got a really sweet printable blog planner you need to hear about.

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Why Did I Create This Planner?

There came a point in my blogging career where I realized that I felt “busy” all the time, but that the busy didn’t necessarily translate into productivity.

You know the feeling: You are doing a thousand things every day but never feel like you are *actually* growing your blogging biz. I knew I needed a concrete tool for myself to stay on track with my task list, streamline my systems, and keep myself organized.

I had a traditional agenda that was pretty, but I wasn’t actually using it. The design wasn’t laid out for a blogger. I tried to use a google calendar for my blog stuff but I never really liked having to look at it online. I was constantly making hand-written to-do lists, brainstorming, and trying to set goals on random sheets of paper, because my agenda didn’t have any dedicated space for it. And I couldn’t track any of my blog growth or other blogging-specific info, since there wasn’t a spot for it.

I kept feeling like there were important things I wanted to write down or keep in one spot, and I didn’t have the right tool to do it.

So, I created it for myself.

I designed printable sheets that were dedicated specifically to growing a blogging business. There is an editorial calendar. There is a goal setting section. There is an audit tool that works like a checklist for each blog post before you hit publish. There is a section for tracking social stats and blog growth. Multiple sheets for tracking income by month and year. Contact sheets. A blog post brainstorm sheet. And more.


Buy the Planner Here!

You can buy the Printable Blog Planner here. It’s currently on special at $9.95. A steal!!


What You Get Inside the Planner

All in all, there are over 20 individual sheets that make up the planner (some of which you print multiple times – like the monthly calendars!).

I wanted each and every sheet to be seriously USEFUL. No frilly stuff to bulk it up. Just sheets that I knew you would actually use and that would help you build a better blog.

Ever since I printed out my first version, there literally hasn’t been a day that I don’t use it. I printed the sheets and put them into a slim white binder, and it sits on my desk right beside my computer. I can glance over and know exactly what’s on my calendar for the week, exactly what I need to be working on to reach my goals, and so much more.

Because it’s date-less, you can just re-print any sheets I need and re-fill the binder as required.

Blog Editorial Calendar | Free editorial calendar template | How to use a blogging content planning system | Blogging tips

Plus, did I mention it’s pretty?!

There is a whole lot of pink and fun graphics. And since I couldn’t settle on just one, there are 6 cover page options. Ha!



Oh and I threw in 3 free art printables that you can either print out to use in your planner as section dividers, or just frame and put up in your home office!

I’m especially obsessed with the shine bright one. It looks amazing framed or even just taped up on a white wall with some washi tape.





How to Print The Planner:

In terms of printing – don’t stress. It’s super easy.

There are detailed instructions on how to print included in the purchase, but basically you just print the sheets on regular 8.5 x 11 white paper, hole punch, and slip into a 1/2″ binder. You can do it all in colour or not, and do different numbers of sheets as it makes sense for your use (printing in black and white makes the binder super cheap to print).

You need to print several copies of the following pages, as you’ll need multiples to take you through the year. This is generally what I recommend:

  • Calendar sheet: 12 copies (1 for each month)
  • 90-Day Goals: 4 copies (1 for each quarter)
  • To-Do List: 5-6 copies
  • Blog Post Ideas: 5-6 copies
  • Blog Post Brainstorm: 10 to get started
  • Blog Post Audit: 1 if you are going to use it as a guide and not mark it up, multiple if you plan to mark up the sheet for each post
  • Biz Expenses – Monthly: 12
  • Income – Monthly: 12
  • Income Breakdown – Monthly: 12
  • The rest –> Print just a single copy for the year! You may find that you have to print additional sheets every now and again, but these will be good quantities to get you started.

Because the calendar sheets don’t have months on them, it means you can use the planner year after year, without ever having to buy a new one!


Here are what a few folks are saying…

“With pieces of note papers everywhere, to-do lists and blog post ideas swirling around in my head, I’ve been looking for a good system to capture it all in one place. Not only did this planner help me to get organized, but included in it are extremely helpful tips and templates to take our blogging to the next level, such as ones for blog post brainstorming and short- and long-term goal-setting. I highly recommend this valuable resource.” – Jane (& Sonja), Sustain My Craft Habit

“Gemma’s blogger planner was EXACTLY what I needed to help me develop and stick to my blogging strategies. Anything that could be added to this planner is in there and I now depend on it daily. A blogger planner isn’t something that you can really appreciate until you have tried it and now there’s no turning back for me! This planner meets my needs, is super chic, and the price can’t be beaten. Thank you for thinking of it all, Gemma!”– Amy, AmyHowardSocial.com

“I honestly didn’t think I’d benefit from a blog planner. I have an editorial calendar system that is rocking BUT I’ve struggled to keep all the information a blogger needs in order. Affiliate spreadsheets, brand contacts, and social stats? Come on! And goals? I couldn’t even remember where I’d written them down to see if I’d met them. It is such a lifesaver to have all this information in one place and looking beautiful. Thank you Gemma for changing the way I look at blog planning!” – Colleen, LemonThistle.com


Blog Editorial Calendar | Free editorial calendar template | How to use a blogging content planning system | Blogging tips

You can buy the Printable Blog Planner here.

It’s on special at $9.95. A steal!!




Don’t want to buy the planner yet, but want some FREE downloadables?

I have made the editorial calendar and goal-setting worksheets available FO FREE, so you can download and test them out!

Click here to get the FREE templates!

Blog Editorial Calendar | Free editorial calendar template | How to use a blogging content planning system | Blogging tips


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