If you are a blogger or online business owner of any kind, I really hope you are using Pinterest.

It is a game-changer.

It can be a HUGE traffic generator for a blogger in any genre – you just need to have a few strategies under your belt to use it effectively. If you understand how set up your Pinterest properly, your audience will grow exponentially and you’ll be able to drive lots of traffic to your blog or biz.

I had been blogging  for 5+ years and used Pinterest haphazardly … mostly for personal use. SUCH A MISTAKE! At the end of 2015, I decided to spend some time amping up my Pinterest game.

I have since 5x my Pinterest following in about 3 months and increased my Pinterest referral traffic to my blog by about 300%. I’m totally regretting not paying attention to it sooner!

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5 Strategies to Grow your Pinterest Traffic:

Here are 5 strategies you can implement TODAY to improve your Pinterest branding, be seen, and gain followers.

1 / Fix Your Pinterest Profile

That short little area at the top of your Pinterest page is super important. It is your one place to sell yourself!

Have a stellar profile picture that is bright and profesh. I personally like a headshot over a logo – folks are more likely to feel connected to you that way.

Next up, make sure your description explains exactly what you blog about. Be sure to include keywords in here that people might use to find you.  For a home and DIY blogger, you might include “DIY projects”, “interior design”, “decorate” or “home decor”.

Your profile is also a great spot to include a link. You should already have a link to your blog under your main Pinterest name, so this is a good spot to promote any kind of opt-in incentive you might offer to get people to join your email list. Building your email list should be a constant goal!


2 / Pin For Your Target Market

You need to consider your Pinterest page as part of your overall brand, instead of as a personal bulletin board.
I made this mistake for a long time and had boards like “Maya’s first birthday” or “Our hallway” that had images in it just for me. Utilize the secret boards feature for that sort of thing, and instead keep your public boards dedicated to your audience.
You need to be pinning what your target market want to see, and always have them in mind. Every single pin should be something that your ideal reader would want to see.

3 / Board Branding

When someone visits your Pinterest page, they are making a snap judgment very quickly about your style. They will see your top 10-12 boards, those cover images, and likely decide right then and there about whether to follow you.

You need to make sure that your boards appear cohesive and fit your overall brand. Aim to stick to an overall aesthetic with all of your board pins, so that you develop a branded, cohesive look.

Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse does this really well. As soon as you land on her Pinterest page, you have a very clear sense of her style — and fave color! Yep, the girl is a true-and-true turquoise lover.


4 / Better Board Descriptions

Rather than being funny or catchy with your board titles and descriptions, you need to think about showing up high in searches. Name your boards with an accurate title of what they include. For example, “DIY project tutorials” instead of “things to try”. You need to be thinking about search keywords when creating your titles.

Then go in and edit your board descriptions, too. Again, you want the descriptions to include any relevant keywords that are appropriate to your board. For example, on my kitchen design ideas board I have the following words in the description: home decor, kitchen inspiration, decorate, decorating, chic kitchens, IKEA kitchen, kitchen decor, DIY, interior design, kitchen DIY ideas, scandinavian, modern, bohemian, eclectic.
And don’t forget to also make sure you have selected the right category from the drop-down menu when you are creating your boards.

5 / Add a “Best Of” Board

As a blogger and biz owner, you want to make sure you are showing off your own fabulous work. Have a board dedicated to your blog as your very first board, and fill it with the best images from your blog posts. This helps show visitors right away what you’re all about and they get to easily dig into your best posts.

You can see an example of this on my girl Amy’s Pinterest page. That first board you see is dedicated to pins from her own blog.


These are 5 simple things you can implement right away. Once you do, you’ll suddenly have a way more professional Pinterest page that people are going to want to follow and repin from.

More repins = more engagement = increased traffic to your blog. Holla!

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Grow your Pinterest Account - followers, repins, and traffic - by implementing some key strategies. Pinterest can help you grow your blog traffic and income in a huge way if used correctly!

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