Ready to have your best year ever?

This printable one-year blog planner is the absolute BEST tool to help you plan your content, set ambitious goals, stay accountable, grow your blog, and crush your year. 

It will become your business BFF, pinky swear.

The 90-Day Framework

The planner has been designed with a 90-day framework to make sure you achieve high-level goals. By dividing the year into 90-day quarters or "sprints", you will be AMAZED at how much you can accomplish. No more dilly dallying, this planner keeps you on track for serious growth.

Write your Business Plan

The planner includes strategy areas that guide you through how set a vision for your blog business, identify your audience profile, narrow your niche, and more. Basically, we build out your business plan so you can start the year with absolute clarity.

Use it again and again (anytime!)

The planner is date-less, meaning you can pick it up and start using at any time of the year. Because it's digital, It also means you can re-print the planner year after year, never having to purchase a new planner again! #yassss

Built-in Accountability

Each week contains an accountability section where you give yourself a score for the week, based on how much you accomplished off your to-do list. By scoring yourself it's like you are working with an accountability partner (which is what ALL the fancy shmancy biz coaches tell you to do). This will help to keep you focused on accomplishing your big goals. Plus, the weekly layout is cute and has tons of space for all your to-do's. You will plan out your weeks and months within each quarter of the year.

"This printable planner gives you space for the big picture, and then room to break it down into smaller bites so you stay on top of your goals, are able to FOCUS and get things done! Plus, it's really pretty, which, as everyone knows, is an important part of a good planner. 😉 "

What's Included:

300 + ready-to-print pages ...

The planner is divided into 6 main sections:

  • Cover Page

    Each year a new cover page is released, so you can change up the look of the planner every year!

  • Introduction + Instructions
    We lay out printing instructions here and a guide on how to use the planner the most effectively.

  • Section 1: Define your Blog &  Brand

    This is where we get into your blog vision, audience, value, branding and more.

  • Section 2: Creative Vibes

    Dedicated spots to brainstorm blog post ideas, lead magnet ideas, collaboration ideas, and more. Basically a section for all those creative juices.

  • Section 3: The Four Quarters.
    Each of the four quarters for the year contain a section to write out your goals, month-at-a-glance calendar pages, and then two-page weekly spreads to use each week (with Monday-Sunday blocks, to-do list area, reminders, and accountability).

    At the end of each 90-day quarter is also a wrap-up section which helps you reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and lessons to bring into the next quarter. 

  • Section 4: Track Your Stats

    The stats section of the planner keeps your blog growth in one spot. Each month you will come in and mark in your numbers. This is a great way to watch your social media and other important statistics grow, and analyze where you can improve. 

  • Section 5:  Address Book

    This section of the planner will be your spot to keep track of your brand contacts, affiliate programs, and more. 

  • Section 6: Notes

    Your spot for random notes and doodles!

It Looks Gorge

I mean, isn’t your planner HAS to look good, right? 

All planner pages are beautifully designed in black and white for a chic neutral look. 

Inspirational quotes and section dividers are also included.

Easy to read font sizes and lots of space for your writing throughout.

And most importantly? Totally instagram-worthy.


Easy (+ cheap) printing

The planner is designed to be printed on standard letter size 8.5×11 plain white paper. 

You can bind it in ring coil (as shown in these photos) or hole-punch and insert all pages into a binder. 

Very detailed printing instructions are included. Don’t stress – it’s super easy. 

You can print at home or at a local Copy & Print Centre. Printing the whole planner with ring coil binding cost $32 at my local Staples.


Alright, I'm so ready. What do I do next?

Step 1. Buy the Planner

Click on the button below to buy the planner (we accept most credit cards and paypal). The digital files will be sent to you via email immediately after purchase.

Step 2. Print It

Download and open your new planner and print at home or at your local Copy & Print Centre. We send you detailed instructions on how to print!

Step 3. Crush your Year

After you purchase, we will also send you an invite to our blogger Facebook Group. A perfect spot to connect, collaborate and learn!