Do you ever struggle with coming up with blog post ideas and planning out your content?

Hit writer’s block from time to time, or just feel plain un-motivated?

Working from some overall theme guidelines might just be what you need to stay on track and come up with a ton of blog posts.

I plan content for 3 months in advance for my home decor blog, The Sweetest Digs.

Using an Editorial Calendar

Before I started using an editorial calendar, I was flying by the seat of my pants and inevitably felt rushed, didn’t produce quality content, and felt a little bit like a crazy person trying to finish up DIYs the night before I wanted to post them. Exactly the kind of thing that leads to blogger burnout.

So, planning content out in advance is KEY. To do this quickly and to stay on trend, I have created overall topic ideas for each month of the year that any home decor / DIY / lifestyle blogger can use.

These fall in line with holidays and general interests, so your readers will feel that your posts are timely and relevant.

Before we dive in, make sure to grab my editorial calendar printable, so you can sit down and start filling it out with blog post ideas for each month. It feels *amazing* to have your year largely mapped out. You also get some sweet goal-setting worksheets too!

The infographic above is perfect to pin on Pinterest as a reminder, but here are all the topic ideas by month…


  • De-cluttering
  • Organization projects – you could even offer free printables related to organizing and budgeting
  • Budget-friendly DIYs (people have just spent money on the holidays, so purse strings are tight at this time of year!)
  • New Year Resolutions
  • Healthy living – Recipes, Exercise, Clean Homes, etc.


  • Valentine’s day gift guide
  • Valentine’s day decor and crafts
  • Date ideas
  • Handmade gift ideas
  • Any pink decor or DIYs


  • St Patrick’s day decor
  • Easter home decor
  • Easter egg decorating
  • Any interior room makeover is great at this time of year, since people are usually stuck inside (winter!)


  • Easter home decor
  • Easter egg decorating
  • Freshening up the home with lots of white, pastels, and spring patterns – time to break away from the winter stuff!
  • Spring wardrobe and accessories


  • Cleaning tips
  • Organization Ideas
  • Gardening tips; Landscaping ideas
  • Porch Makeovers
  • Flower arranging
  • Switching out your decor to that summery, beach-y aesthetic. Think light and bright.


  • Upcycling projects – garage sale season is in full swing this month!
  • Backyard makeovers
  • Curb appeal projects
  • Landscaping
  • Pools / Spa
  • Fitness (people want to feel healthy and fit for summer time!)


  • Colourful and fun projects
  • Outdoor parties and events
  • Cottage Decor
  • Gardening
  • Road trips
  • Summer bucket lists
  • Cocktails and BBQ
  • Summer style
  • Summer reading list
  • Beach must-haves


  • Beach must-haves
  • Outdoor parties and events
  • Back to school shopping guides (give people enough time to order online)
  • Back to school projects and traditions
  • Flea market decorating (people have been hitting up garage sales and flea markets this summer!)


  • Fall decor ideas
  • Decorating with warm colours – think red/orange/brown/pinks – and lots of layers and textures
  • Fall fashion and transitional pieces
  • Fall printables are always popular!
  • We’re getting into all things pumpkin spice 🙂


  • Halloween decor and DIYs
  • Costume ideas
  • Thanksgiving table decor
  • Thanksgiving DIYs
  • Fall Wreaths
  • Using natural elements in your decor and DIYs – acorns, leaves, rocks, sticks, etc.
  • Pumpkin painting and carving ideas


  • Christmas gift guides (get these out in November to ensure your readers have time to order online!)
  • Holiday home decor
  • Any indoor projects popular as people move inside for the colder months
  • Cozy decorating – lots of layers, textures, etc.


  • Holiday home decor
  • Handmade gift ideas
  • Holiday traditions
  • Winter Printable
  • Christmas Tree Decor

Posts that work all year round:

Beyond these seasonal ideas, there are many styles of blog posts that will work all year round. Try and mix these in throughout the year, where they make sense for your schedule.

  • Room makeovers (everyone loves a good before and after!)
  • Renovations (always try to write these as evergreen posts where you are teaching the reader something tangible – not just “stories” of your own renovations, which won’t have a long lifespan on the internet)
  • DIY project tutorials
  • “Day in your life” posts (great for injecting some really personal stuff into your blog and connecting with your readers!)
  • Reviews of products or “favourite things” round ups – just be sure to keep these really genuine, not just an obvious spot for affiliate links
  • Recipes and/or Fashion Tips, if you blog about those topics
  • Personal stories – It’s great to do these every now and then to create a deeper connection with your reader. I would just warn against doing these ALL the time, as often they don’t become evergreen pieces of content that bring you traffic for months and years down the road. Try to mostly create blog posts that solve a problem, make sense on their own, and can stand the test of time, and then throw in personal stories and anecdotes when you can.

Pin it for Later!

Seasonal #Blog Post Ideas for Every Month of the Year - perfect for home, DIY and lifestyle bloggers. No more writer's block when you use this as your guide to blog content creation!

Seasonal Blog Post Ideas for Every Month of the Year - perfect for home, DIY and lifestyle bloggers. No more writer's block when you use this as your guide to blog content creation!

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