Make a bigger impact, earn more money, and have more freedom 
in your business (and life!)

Join Course Creator School to create, launch, and sell your online course (on repeat!)—even if you don’t have a big audience, are kiiinda scared of tech, or don’t think of yourself as an industry expert yet

Creating an online course is the fastest way to stop trading your time for dollars

...But I’m willing to bet you already know that. (Cause you’re here 😉 )

Whether you’ve just recently started your online business or you’ve been in the coaching or 1:1 service space for awhileee now…

You already know that a 1-to-many offer is the key to making a bigger impact, earning more of that sweet money, honey, and having more freedom in your business—finally!

Cause let’s just call 1-on-1 client work what it is: hard. 

Rewarding, yes! But, still—hard.

➤ Your calendar is maxed and every month you cringe when you have to turn clients away (or give up your weekends to take them on)

➤ You’re craving more time in your day so you can close your laptop earlier and spend your evenings beating your partner in cards or getting some quality rest for once. (Or at the spa with the girls.)

➤ You loveee seeing your clients score big wins, and you secretly want to help even more people—you just don’t want to work more hours or build a whole team to do it. Whomp, whomp.


And if you’re reeeally honest with yourself (and me!), you know you want to create an online course to solve all those problems. And then some.


Just thinking about creating + launching an online course is enough to send you straight to bed for a stress nap

Because you’ve got enough questions to fill an Amazon warehouse… and no one to help you answer them. 

🤨  What course topic is profitable in my niche?

🤨  What tech do I need to film my course and set it up?

🤨  What if I have a small audience?

🤨  How do I make consistent sales after my initial launch?

🤨  What if I do ALL that work creating it and no one buys?

But the worst part? Dr. Google, good ole’ YouTube, and those free blogs full of pop-up ads don’t really help. No matter how many glasses of boxed wine you drink.

Week after week, you’re left exactly where you started. Stretched thin as a sheet of printer paper…

Working overtime again…

Wondering if you’ll ever be able to create and launch a course like everyone else out there (or so it seems).


Your head starts filling up with a few easily believable (but totally untrue) thoughts trying to sabotage your dreamy course creator biz before it ever leaves the Google Doc

(Believe me. I’ve been there..)

Let’s put a pin in the doubts holding you back, shall we?

Your Template Club Fixed Quotes (2)

🙅‍♀️ Big Doubt #1: My audience is too small to create and launch a course

After years of selling online courses, here is what I know to be true…

You don’t need a huge audience to be successful. 

I hit 6-figures in online course income before I even had 2,000 followers on Instagram. 

This idea that you need to be famous on social media in order to make money with courses is a myth. A small, engaged audience is worth twice what a big, meaningless following is. 

Learn from the girl who is living proof.

🙅‍♀️ Big Doubt #2: I need a huge budget and a big team to pull this off

Okay, this one’s gotta go! Because it’s straight up not true. 

You don’t need complicated tech, a big team, or money to hire copywriters and graphic designers. Sure, those things are nice—and you may want them eventually—but you don’t need them to launch a profitable course. 

You can create an incredibly successful course and get real results for your students with a simple and lean business model. 

In fact, the simpler the better, in business and in life.

Your Template Club Fixed Quotes (1)
Your Template Club Fixed Quotes (3)

🙅‍♀️ Big Doubt #3: My course idea isn’t original enough

Let’s flip the script here. What if I told you it’s actually a good thing seeing others successfully selling courses in your niche? 

Seriously. It proves there’s market demand for your idea. 

The special sauce is in how you differentiate yourself from the others in your niche (and that comes down to YOU—your personality, life experiences, and those oh-so-special quirks you were always told to hide). 

I mean, I can name 5 people off the top of my head who sell courses about courses. But there’s a reason you’re interested in learning from ME instead of them.


Imagine what it would be like to finally create, launch, and sell your online course (on repeat)

⭐️  You’d be able to earn $5k, $10k, or more every month without trading your time for dollars

⭐️  You’d have students messaging you with their incredible wins after taking your course

⭐️  You’d be less stressed the F out all the time and able to enjoy your kids and friends again

⭐️  You’d be growing a business that’s actually supporting the kind of life where you feel good about working less

⭐️  You’d be getting payday notifications while you’re lounging on a lake boat on summer vacation with the fam


…Sound too good to be true?

It’s not.

I know because I’ve done it, and I’ve taught hundreds of other online business owners to do it. 

And I can’t wait to show YOU how to do it too.

But, wait. Have we officially met??

Hey! I'm Gemma Bonham-Carter.

Mom to two kiddos, home decor aficionado, world-travel lover, and a shameless Real Housewives fanatic. (Seen every episode 💋 )

And as a Business Strategist & Coach for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to create and sell digital products, I’m here to simplify the $h*t out of creating and launching your online course.

Because, on a real note, in 2020, I had no $0 days in my business.

In fact, I put $300k net into my bank account, despite a pandemic and two kids at home full time, and my business is tracking to do almost 7 figures in revenue in 2021. 

But let’s rewind the tape real quick because it’s important to note it wasn’t always 20 hour work weeks and digital course bliss over here. 

When I was working my 9-5 in public health, sitting in traffic sweating in the sticky summer heat (in a car with no AC), and so, so pregnant…

I could have never imagined I’d quit my job, start an online business, and grow it into something I LOVE.

(I can talk digital courses all day. Just ask my husband. Sorry, sweetie!) 

I launched my first course (for bloggers!) in 2017, and I made $13k for the year. It wasn’t much, but I was stoked—and hooked.

After learning the hard way, tweaking my process, and seeing real results, I grew my revenue to $130k the following year. 

From there, I’ve built a business that brings in $500k+ a year in revenue…

👉  All thanks to digital products. 

Sometimes when I’m hanging by the pool watching my daughter do cannonballs into the deep end on a Monday afternoon, I stop and think: 

THIS is what I was after all those years ago when I phoned my boss and quit my office job. 

I share all of that not to toss a typical rags-to-riches story your way and sell you an Insta Million Dollar Business in a Bottle™ formula (…run the other way if anyone does!)

But to show you what’s possible (and why I’m so obsessed) with digital courses. 

And to highlight why—after almost 5 years in the digital course world and helping hundreds of business owners launch their courses—I’m more dedicated than ever to helping YOU reclaim your time, have more freedom, and make a big, big impact in the world. 

And let’s take this one step further.

Cause, if you know me, you know I won’t settle for a middle-of-the-road promise. 

I’m dedicated not only to helping you add a course to your business…

🙌  But to helping you create, launch, and sell that course on repeat so you’re business (and life) can look dramatically different a lot sooner than you think

Enter: Course Creator School & the SOLD Method—

Aka the exact framework + plug-and-play tools + expert support (from meee!) to take you from burnt-out business owner to kween of your 1-to-many offer.

(Told you I’m not into mediocre.)

No more Googling. 

No more watching everyone else launch and build a life that lets them live comfortably. 

No more stress naps.

Just a proven system, customizable tools, and all the course creator knowledge that’s in my course-obsessed brain. 

If you’re with me, now’s the time to get excited because it’s about to be ALL yours.

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A complete, step-by-step program that teaches you how to create, launch, and sell your online course on repeat so you can make a bigger impact, earn more money, and have more freedom

The secret sauce? It’s my SOLD Method that walks you through everything from how to outline your course to how to deliver game-changing transformations for your founding students.

Yep. Even if you don’t have a big audience, you automatically put your palm on your forehead when you hear the word “tech,” or you don’t think of yourself as an industry expert—yet!

Here’s how it works:


Settle on a profitable course topic, outline your course & create your signature framework


Turn your course sketch into an irresistible offer 


Pre-sell your course to your founding students


Deliver an unforgettable course experience that gets your students real results

Course Creator School students celebrate BIG wins

NAME: Meg Svec

NICHE: Food Entrepreneurship

BIG WIN: $0 –> $250k in under 2 years 

CHECK HER OUT: Bakery Business Academy

NAME: Janita O’Hara 

NICHE: Photography

BIG WIN: Made $13k in 1st launch

CHECK HER OUT: Love and Exposure Photography

NAME: Lizzie Bolliger

NICHE: Childbirth Educator

BIG WIN: Huge Audience Growth, Pivoting from 1:1 Work

CHECK HER OUT: @fierceLizzie

NAME: Kate Atkins

NICHE: Dog Behavior Specialist

BIG WIN: Surpassed her launch goal with ease

CHECK HER OUT: Kate’s K9 Solutions

NAME: Libby Langley

NICHE: Marketing Coach

BIG WIN: 31 paying students right off the bat


NAME: Dr. Alexis Reid, ND

NICHE: Child Ezcema

BIG WIN: Validated idea with paid workshop

CHECK HER OUT: Eco Chic Movement

Want a sneak peek at your path to a course that you can launch again and again? 

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside Course Creator School:



lay a strong foundation

First thing’s first. Before you can create and launch your course, you need to get clear on a few key pieces of your course creator journey.

Once you lay a strong foundation, the big blue sky (with a lake boat under it) is the limit. 

Things like…

  • Get into the mindset of a successful digital entrepreneur
  • Identify your Unique Zone of Genius
  • Discover your profitable course niche + topic
  • Understand the online course life cycle
  • Learn the 10 ways you can make $10k as a course creator

Walk away with the mindset of a successful course creator and a profitable course niche + topic


sketch out your course

Now that you know your Zone of Genius and have a profitable course niche + topic, you’ll chat with your perfect-fit students to make sure your course *really* helps them solve their pain points.

Which is the earmark of a digital course that’s primed to sell like hot tamales. Mmm.

Then, you’ll take what you’ve learned, outline your course, and build your waitlist page so you can start attracting your ideal students onto your list right away.

  • Conduct Market Research to learn what pain points your audience needs help solving
  • Use the Transformation Technique to identify your tangible course transformation
  • Create your Signature Framework that sells
  • Outline your course using the Course Map Method
  • Build your high-converting waitlist page and start attracting your ideal students onto your email list

Walk away with your course map and leads filling up your waitlist




craft an offer that sells

Arrite, this is where stuff gets real fun.

It’s time to turn your course sketch into an irresistible offer. 

That means packaging your course so it’s a no-brainer YES for your perfect-fit students.

  • Turn your course sketch into an irresistible offer using the quick & easy Bucket System method
  • Use the No-Brainer Pricing Formula to price your course
  • Give your course a Name That Sells
  • Build your 10x Bonus Stack that addresses your perfect-fit students’ biggest objections
  • Create your Sizzling Sales Page with my section-by-section template

Walk away with a badass, irresistible offer + the sales page to match


pre-sell and live launch

Next, you’ll pre-sell your course to validate it before you spend any time creating the content. 

Lemme repeat that for the folks in the back. 

You’ll sell your course to your Founding Students before you even create it. 

This way, you’re 110% sure your course will be a bonafide success without wasting a drop of your time. 

(Buh-bye Imposter Syndrome & hellooo cash injection!)

  • Validate your course with a pre-sale and get students into your program before you’ve even created your course
  • Learn how to run a live launch with my complete Live Launch Calendar, Launch Data Trackers, and more must-have launch tools
  • Use my Lean Launch Trifecta templates to craft an incredible sales experience: an email sequence, showing up on social media and using a high-converting webinar or workshop
  • Get my insider tricks to rinse + repeat your launches, making them bigger (and easier!) every time

Walk away with a group of Founding Students inside your new course




deliver a results-focused course

I’m a BIG—no, huge—believer in overdelivering inside your course & getting your students the results they’re after. And then some. 

Which is exactly what I do inside CCS.


Because the best way to solidify the success of your digital course is to prove that your course leads to a transformation.

You’ll learn how to deliver a results-focused experience so you can turn your students into your biggest fans & collect those oh-so-juicy testimonials that’ll help sell your course on repeat. 

  • Deliver an incredible course experience
  • Create killer course content, lessons, downloads, and more
  • Learn what tech to use to build your course
  • Get amazing testimonials from your students (without feeling pushy)

Walk away with a completely built course that d-e-livers and glowing testimonials to prove it

You’ll be supported every step of the way with student-favorite features like...


Access to the exclusive CCS Facebook Group

Inside the CCS Facebook group, you’ll connect with other course creators, get feedback on all your ideas and work, and stay accountable. 

Cause we LOVE us some accountability in this space.

*You’ll have lifetime access to the CCS community. Because once you’re a CCSer, I’ve got your back fo-evaaa. 

$1,997 value per year


Weekly Live Coaching with Gemma

$1,997 value per year

Got questions along the way? (Of course you do!) 

Think of the weekly 10-in-10s as quick power sessions where I answer 10 questions in 10 minutes (okayyy… usually it ends up being more like 30 mins!).

The calls are live each week, but don’t sweat it if you can’t make it. You can always submit your question ahead of time and catch the recording later.  

Loooooove a good bonus stack? Me too 😉

Get instant access to over $6,000 in course bonuses to make creating and launching your course easier than ever


Build Your List Bootcamp

When you enroll in Course Creator School, you’ll get my complete list-building course for FREE! 

(I legit sell this program for $697)

Build Your List Bootcamp teaches you how to grow your email list using partnerships and collaborations. 

👉  You’ll create compelling signature stories, craft a killer lead magnet, and learn how to get in front of your ideal audience to grow your own list of subscribers—fast

No paid ads or social media slow growth required!


Prove It Out

The best thing to do BEFORE you launch a course or group program? Working with some students 1:1 as a strategist or coach that helps them solve that problem you want to create a course about. 

Here’s why: You learn exactly what they’re struggling with and how best to help them so you can turn your 1:1 experience into a kick-butt 1:many model.

👉  In Prove It Out, you’ll learn my simple method to land five (or more!) 1:1 clients to prove your course framework (and collect testimonials!) before you launch.


Take it Evergreen

Once you’ve mastered the live launch method and your students are getting powerful results, it’s time to take it evergreen. (Everyone’s favorite word 😉)

Inside my next-level community, The Passive Project, you’ll learn how to turn your webinar, sales emails, and marketing content into a high-converting evergreen funnel so you can make consistent course sales on autopilot.

As a CCS student, you’ll get 3 months access to Passive Project for free (start whenever you’re ready to). 

💥 You’ll walk away with an evergreen funnel generating consistent course sales so you can earn more while doing less.


$100K Live Launch Debrief

Want to see a real-life $100k online course launch? 

In this debrief, you’ll get ALL the behind-the-scenes deets on what went into my first 6-figure launch. 

From the emails I sent, to how I showed up on Instagram, to the day-by-day activities I did. And ALL the numbers— you’re getting the complete play-by-play of a successful live launch. 

🤯  The best part? This was done with almost zero ad spend and a small part-time team of two.


Sales Pages That Convert

Writing sales pages take you forever and a day? Not anymore!

In this bonus guidebook, I’m handing over my own sales page writing guide that breaks the process down, section by section. 

Words sell. Let’s make yours count.

Guest Expert Amanda Genther

Your Stand Out Sales Page

Amanda Genther is a sales page designer and conversion expert who has created sales pages for some of the biggest names in the industry. 

In this Guest Masterclass, she is sharing the exact sections your sales page needs, what you need to put where, and her top tips on boosting that conversion rate. 

🔥  You will also receive an exclusive coupon to get 10% off of Amanda’s templates in her Launch In Style shop.


Launch Email Sequence

It’s no secret. At the heart of every successful launch are incredible emails. 

I’m handing over my proven, pre-written, plug-and-play email templates. 

⭐️  Get 14 emails that’ll prime your audience to buy from the pre-launch phase to your webinar all the way through to your close cart date! 

Guest Expert Marisa Corcoran

Email, Connect, Convert Workbook

Emails play a suuuper important part in nurturing your audience, providing value, and selling. 

But for some of us, writing compelling emails can feel like climbing Mount Everest. 

Copywriter Marisa Corcoran is a legend when it comes to writing emails that captivate, entertain, and turn readers into buyers. 

💌  In this exclusive Email ~ Connect ~ Convert Workbook, Marisa is sharing some of her best email-writing strategies and a welcome sequence flow that’ll have you building know, like, and trust factors with your audience as soon as they opt-in to your list.

Guest Expert Mallory Rowan

Connect + Sell on Instagram

In this video training, Instagram expert Mallory Rowan shows you how to use the ‘gram to connect with your perfect-fit students. 

You’ll also learn Mallory’s best strategies to nurture your leads (no sleazy tactics allowed!) and turn them into customers. 

👉  Get Mallory’s DM Sales Script and discover exactly how to show up in your DM conversations and sell.

Guest Expert Kaitlyn Kessler

Imposter to Impact

Let’s face it – imposter syndrome is a b*tch. 

And most of us (if not ALL of us!) experience it when we’re doing something new. But the worst part? 

Imposter Syndrome can keep us from showing up as the powerful, badass course creators and thought leaders we are. 

Kaitlyn Kessler’s spilling all the tea in her new series, Imposter to Impact: How to cultivate confidence, despite feeling like a “fraud”—and you get it free as a CCS student. 

💕 Head to these videos whenever you need a boost of self-confidence and some legit strategies on how to get out of a rut.

Guest Expert Chelsea Wallace

Lush Launches (without burn out)

Chelsea Wallace is a Launch Strategist who has worked behind the scenes with some of the top course creators in the marketplace.

And she has seen first-hand the burnout and depletion that can happen after a live launch!

⚡️ In this 3-part mini series, Chelsea is sharing her concept of Synergy Launches, which will flip the script on your typical launch patterns and turn launches into lush and fulfilling events.


Webinars That Work

A high-converting webinar is a priceless sales asset because it warms your audience up, teaches them something valuable, and sells them on your course. 

But, when you’re new to hosting webinars, creating one that actually works can be a little tricky.  

💥  That’s why In Webinars That Work, you’ll get my Webinar Slide Deck Template, Foolproof Webinar Outline + Script, and all the know-how to create a high converting webinar that turns viewers into buyers.


Canva Template Library

Inside the Canva Template Library, we have everything—and I do mean *everything*—you need to create gorgeous graphics. 

Included are: 

✓  Lead magnet templates 

✓  Slide deck templates

✓  Video lesson thumbnails

✓  Course workbook templates

✓  Course checklists

✓  Instagram graphics

​​✓  Launch packs

…and so much more. Over 100 assets included!

(No graphic design skills necessary!)


The Tech Vault

Tech can get overwhelming… fast

Enter: The Tech Vault! 

You’ll have access to 50+ tech walkthrough videos to help you set up and run your course business with ease.

Think of this library as your own personal team of tech consultants. 

👉  Platform tutorials include Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, Teachery, Convertkit, Flodesk, Quicktime, Vimeo, Zoom, and more.

Guest Expert Dani Paige

Write Your Website

If you want to attract perfect-fit students, you’ll need a website that clearly communicates who you are and what you do. 

(Because perfect-fit students will definitely pop over to your site to check you out before they jump into your world.)

⚡️ Copywriter Dani Paige breaks down your main website pages into easy plug-and-play templates that you can write and update in a flash.


Want a peek inside?


I’ll let some of the Course Creator School students show you what’s possible

Join Course Creator School and get instant access to...

choose your payment option:





6 X $267

6 X $197

And in case you’re wondering how Course Creator School stacks up to those other programs out there…


❌  Include Theory-Based Content that focuses on WHAT to do but fall shy of giving you practical tools to *actually* do it

❌  Offer Little or No SupportI’m talking a set of modules or a slide deck and that’s it—yikes! 

❌  Rely on Outside Coaches or Assistants to answer your questions which leaves you learning from someone you don’t really know. Whomp, whomp.

❌  Have Limited-Time Access to course content and community—which means after a few months, you’re on your own

❌  Include Complicated Guarantees that require you to submit your coursework or hop on a call to get your money back. *Eyeroll*


✅  LOADED with Practical Examples & Plug-n-Play Templates so you can grab a Google Doc, download a workbook, or customize a template to see results—fast

✅  Teaches You How to Craft an Irresistible Offer which makes ALL the difference when you’re launching your course

✅  Has You Pre-Sell Your Course so you don’t waste your time creating a course that isn’t properly validated. Not on my watch.

✅  Weekly Live Coaching with Gemma so you can ask all your questions and get answers from me in real-time—every week!

✅  Gives Students Lifetime Access—to the course material, the community, AND full access to all future updates for free 

✅  Protects You with a Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee, more on this just below! 

✅  Is 100% Built with Your Success in Mind so you can join knowing that I’m (…yes, me—Gemma!) always thinking about how to best support you and help you build a business (and life!) that lights you up


Happiness 100% Money-Back Guarantee

When you join Course Creator School, you’re welcomed into a space that’s got everything you need to create your digital course, launch it, and sell it on repeat. And the best part? 

This is a proven system. Hundreds of students have used the tools in CCS to build and launch courses—it’s happening right now!

But, even though I know this course is so valuable, you deserve the chance to join risk-free to see if it’s for you. 

And if you don’t think it’s every bit as awesome as I’ve promised, I wouldn’t feel right keeping your money. Simply request a refund within 7 days of purchase, and you’ll be refunded in full. 

There are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove, and I won’t question you. I won’t even ask for all of your newly gained biz insight and strategy back 😉 

*Don’t be that person who joins, downloads all the material, checks out every lesson, and then asks for their money back. We can see that on our course platform, and it’s just bad karma, k?

Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 4.35.20 PM

Join me inside Course Creator School and let’s create your digital course—

So you can make a bigger impact, earn more money, and have more freedom in your business (and life!)

choose your payment option





6 X $267

6 X $197

still here? oh good! I made you a little something

Course Creator School is a hot match for you if...

Proven strategy. Templates and tools. Mentorship. Zero smoke and mirrors. And a community of peers cheering you on.


Yes! One of the things you’ll do FIRST inside Course Creator School is decide on your narrow niche, identify your Zone of Genius, and do market research (with lots of tools to make it easy!) to validate your ideas before settling on one. 

So don’t worry. The course is designed to help you discover your topic AND make sure it’s profitable before you start creating it.

It’s true: Having an audience is essential for selling an online course. 

BUT—if you don’t have an audience yet, don’t sweat it. You’ll learn how to build one inside CCS.

If you’re starting from scratch, I recommend joining CCS and starting with the Build Your List Bootcamp Bonus Course, Audience Accelerator Bonus, and Prove It Out Bonus Mini-Course to grow your audience to about 200 engaged subscribers. 

Once students achieve that minimum, they can typically make anywhere from $3k to $15k launching their course. 

The key is to get started and keep growing your audience as you go. And remember, it’s less about the numbers and more about the quality of your audience and how engaged they are.

OK I get this, big time. I have two kids under the age of 8, this business, a growing real estate business, and a ton of passion projects! So, you can believe me when I say… I understand.  

But when it comes to your business, what if you DIDN’T have to wear that busy badge?  

What if you had an online course business where you weren’t trading time for dollars anymore?

Because that is what being a Course Creator is all about. You don’t have to hustle and grind for success. If you build and scale your business with focus, simplicity and clarity, it can actually give you so much time back in your day (and life)… to spend on the things that truly matter.

So, yes! You are busy. But Course Creator School is your ticket out of that constant busy-ness.

Heck no, it’s not too early for you to create a course. You’ll probably hear me say this again and again, but it’s true: You do NOT have to be an industry guru or a bonafide subject-matter expert to create a course and get your students results. 

If you’ve gotten results for yourself or your 1:1 clients, chances are you have enough know-how to get results for your course students. 

And, the truth is, the people who are 15 steps ahead don’t make great teachers anyway. 

Those who are 2 to 3 steps ahead are MUCH more relatable and can put themselves in their students’ shoes. Which is why my award-winning chemist mother could never help me with my high school Chem 101 homework. She was too far away from the foundations!

Besides – your story, your unique framework, and your dedication to making an impact all help make your offer unique & oh-so valuable to your students.

It’s both! The course content itself is recorded so you can learn at your own pace. You’ll get instant access to all the course material, workbooks, tools, templates, and bonuses too!

But true learning doesn’t take place in a vacuum. I show up each week in our private Facebook group for weekly 10-in-10s. Think of those like mini-coaching sessions where you get your questions answered! 

You can also use the group for feedback or to troubleshoot your ideas with your fellow course creators.

Yup! Course Creator School comes with a 7-day 100% money-back guarantee, which means you can join risk-free, take a poke around, and get a full refund if the space isn’t for you. 

That being said, puh-lease don’t be that person who joins, downloads the stuff, and asks for their money back. I’ve yet to see that strategy work. Plus, it’s bad karma, k?

As soon as you enroll, you’ll be sent a welcome email with your username and password to access Course Creator School. Then, everything is yours & you can get started right away!

And you’ll be invited to join the Facebook group where you’ll meet me at our next live 10-in-10 meeting and all of your fellow course creators who will welcome you into the community with emojis and cheers.

Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 5.03.06 PM
Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 5.03.00 PM

Funny meeting you down here!

It’s time for a little heart-to-heart

If you’ve been in my world for even a little bit, you know I’m all about tough love, but I’m gonna drop that vibe and go full-on biz bestie for a sec. 

(Then it’s back to Gemma-Get-ish-Done-Bonham-Carter though). 

The number one thing that holds back SO many new course creators?

It’s fear. 

Fear that their course isn’t going to sell. 

Fear that they don’t have what it takes. 

Fear that they won’t commit to making this work.

And if right now, you’re reading this wondering if you can *actually* pull this off—if you can actually make a bigger impact, earn more cash, and have more freedom in your life…

You aren’t alone.

I know because that used to be me.

If you had told me years ago that I would be running a multiple 6-figure business as a mom of two little kiddos working about 20 hours a week, I would have laughed (or cried?) on the spot. 

But here’s the thing. I’m no special unicorn. I’m really just your average gal who didn’t want to settle for a life of wishing for the weekends or rushing to the school pick-up line.

So I’m going to take this moment to tell you something I know is true:

You CAN do this. 

The life you want—the one where you pile the family in the car and zip off for a week vacation to the shore…

The one where you can close your laptop at 3 pm and make homemade pizza for movie night…

The one where you can take a Thursday off to go to parent-teacher conferences or volunteer at the community centre…

That life IS possible. 

And you’re closer to it than ever before. 

I mean this from the bottom of my heart: I believe in you. 

And I created Course Creator School to help you slash the learning curve, create your online course, and have the freedom you’ve always, always wanted. 

Now, if you’re still with me, it’s time for a little of that tough love to light a fire under your 🍑 —

Get on in here and let’s get to work!



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