Launch an online course.

Monetize your expertise.

Create the impact you were meant to make.

Break into the billion dollar education industry with Course Creator School: The complete program to to create, launch, market, and sell a digital course. 

Your current business model isn't creating the freedom, growth, or impact you're capable of.

And knowing that online education is a billion dollar industry (Forbes estimates $325 billion by 2025), you are oh-so-ready to bottle up your knowledge and tap into this constantly-growing and profitable movement.

Think about what your business and life would look like if you had an online course that was easily attracting new students, getting them results, and ultimately adding to your business’s revenue in a pretty major way…

I’m Gemma and I want to share what I believe to be the best course creation system out there.

It’s something I began developing in 2016, after learning what not to do in course creation (hello course flop!). After only selling two spots in my program – that I’d spent months creating –  I quickly realized the key component that was missing from so many other course programs out there. 

From that discovery, I took my learnings and exponentially scaled my course business, giving me the flexibility and freedom that I had only dreamed about. And after making just $2K in that first year, I did $132K in year two, $250K in year 3, and $500K in 2020. 

All while raising (and now homeschooling!) two little rascals from home.

And I’m so excited to help you do the same. 

So where are you right now? Let me know if any of this sounds familiar...

  • You are ambitious and have everything it takes to share your expertise, help people and make an impact.  
  • You’ve watched other entrepreneurs launch successful online courses and are like “WOAH, I need to get in on that too!”
  • You are ready to have a leveragable digital offer you can make once and sell over and over again.

But LET ME GUESS what happens next...

The overwhelm. The uncertainty.
The imposter syndrome.

You could use Google University to get this all rolling, but who’s advice do you follow?

There are a thousand tutorials, software options, and opinions all contradicting each other, leaving you with no clarity on the simple steps you actually need to take to launch your course. Even just the tech setup can feel overwhelming and expensive – especially when everyone is saying you “need” ALL eleventy-billion pieces of software right off the get-go… 


You don’t have endless hours in your day like others might. Helloooo kids and real life!

Sure, your business is your baby. But you also have *real* babies that you need to tend to, as well. AKA your time is a limited resource and between mom duties, wife duties, and house duties… you don’t have the luxury to throw away precious hours towards trial and error when you’re not 100% sure this whole course thing will even work.

You see every entrepreneur out there doing this, and wonder if there’s room in the market for you.

You’ve seen other people selling courses about the topic you want to teach about, so you think you shouldn’t even bother. They have more street cred than you, so why bother. Maybe you’re thinking there’s only room in the market for one best-selling course in any given niche. 

And yet it gets worse.

Next comes the barrage of questions that only make the course creation waters even murkier...

  • How do you do this without a large audience? You hear that it’s possible, yet when you look at all those who have ‘made it’ online, their number of followers have a few more zeros tacked on than yours does.

  • How do you know your idea is even a good one? Sure your BFF might think your course idea is amaaaaazing, but how can you be certain that strangers will actually want to pay you money for it? 

  • Don’t you need to hire out help? All the “big-time” course creators out there seem to have teams of VAs, copywriters, graphic designers, ads managers, and more. 

Leaving you even more in the dark
on your next best steps.

What if I told you there was a way to confirm your course would sell long before you spent any time at all creating it?

  • This is the #1 thing missing from most other course-creation systems today.


  • It’s the reason why my first course was a total bust.


  • It’s why I see so many other entrepreneurs struggling to sell their programs.


  • And it’s the reason why I’m here today, determined to help you.

I’ve created a system that allows you to test the market with your idea and pre-sell your offer
(yes, making true sales) well before you even build out Module 1.

No more time wasted.

No more money wasted.

No more overwhelm.


Course Creator School

A complete, step-by-step program that will show you how to launch and build your successful online course business.


The results speak for themselves.

“I just wrapped up my live launch. I did two webinars with a 42% show-up rate. My funnel converted at 9%! And the best part? I made 15 sales, resulting in $5k of revenue.

I did it all using Gemma’s resources and guidance!”


“I used Gemma’s Workshop Method to test my new course idea. Not only did it bring in $16k in revenue, but it gave me the confidence to actually create the course. 

I launched the course for the first time and welcomed over 70 students and made over $35,000.


“With less than 100 people on my email list, I decided to do a scrappy launch based on Gemma’s method… and I had 8 people purchase! My course hadn’t even been created yet!

And now I’m going into my first BIG live launch with all the tools I need to truly skyrocket my business!”


“I just completed my first ever webinar 40 minutes ago (using Gemma’s template) and so far over 25% of the attendees have purchased! And I have another 10 emails in my inbox from people wanting a replay and asking pre-sale questions. 

I haven’t even set up my follow-up emails yet because I didn’t anticipate the response!”


Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 10.37.19 AM


Gemma is realistic and understands my life as a busy teacher mama. She was quickly able to help me make decisions in my business that I had been stuck on for months. Not only did I work through a major block, but I was completely confident and excited to bring my new program to life. It was a huge weight lifted!”


“Did a low key, 48-hour live launch of my course this past week. I posted a few times in IG stories and sent 5 emails to my list. I set a realistic goal of enrolling 8 new students and ended up with 14 sales!”



Hey there, I'm Gemma.

My name is Gemma Bonham-Carter and I’m known as as the go-to-gal who turns creative entrepreneurs into highly successful course creators.

After launching my first course in 2016, I never looked back. I turned it into the business I run today that has allowed me to quit my 9-5 job, earn more than I thought possible, have the flexibility to be at home with my kids, and never have to save up my “vacation days” to go on a trip again.

I am here to make an impact and YOU are too. But here’s the truth… you need a mentor who has the same lifestyle as you. Someone who walks the walk with work/life balance. #SayNoToTheHustle

I am passionate about building the business that can support your dream life. 

Ready? Let’s launch your course.

After years of selling online courses, here is what I know to be true...

You don’t need a huge audience to be successful. I hit 6-figures in online course income before I even had 2000 followers on instagram. I’m tracking to do half a mill in revenue this year and still don’t have 10k followers! This idea that you need to be famous on social media in order to make money with courses is a myth. Learn from the girl who is living proof.

You don’t need complicated tech, a big team, or money to hire copywriters and graphic designers. Sure, those things are nice, but you don’t need them to launch a profitable course. You can create an incredibly successful course business with a simple and lean business. I’m a huge believer in simplicity – in business and in life.

You don’t need to be the first in your niche. Seeing others have success selling courses in your niche actually shows market demand for your idea. The special sauce is in how you differentiate yourself from the others in your niche (and that comes down to YOU – your personality, life experiences, and quirks). I mean hello, I can name 5 people off the top of my head who sell courses about courses (so meta, I know). But there’s a reason you are on MY sales page and are interested in learning from ME instead of them.


Who is Course Creator School for?

You are an ambitious entrepreneur with a desire to teach and impact others. You know you have what it takes, but you are stuck in figuring out how to actually make it happen successfully. 

You are an expert in your thing – that topic you’ve already started to build a business around. You might be a coach, consultant, service provider or content creator and you’re ready to leverage a 1-to-many model in order to grow your revenue.

You are a driven go-getter who is ready to pull up your sleeves and do the work. You know that in order to achieve success and growth in your business you need to take action, put yourself out there, and do the (sometimes scary!) thing. You also know that learning from a mentor who has been in your shoes and can show you the way, will get you further ahead, faster. 

You are committed to becoming a successful course creators who consistently show up, even when it feels hard. You know that the only way to fail is to stop trying. Your success is inevitable, because you are in it to win it. 

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