Today, we’re chatting with one of our Passive Project Members: Carissa Kruse. 

Carissa Kruse is a Wedding Industry Maven, Queen of Sales and Marketing, and Creator of Wedding-Preneurs Content Club™ and Brides To Bookings™.⁣

In this episode, she is sharing: How to figure out how and where you fit in within your industry and niche.

There are other course creators offering similar products and services, but there is probably somewhere within your service niche that you can be different and shine through. Once she leaned into what her audience was really needing she was able to create her own path and not feel like she was competing with everyone else.

By doing this as well, she was able to build relationships within her same niche which has been incredible for her business.

She always tell the wedding pros that it’s community over competition and she believes that in the online coaching world too.

Not everyone is a right fit client.

She knows course creators sometimes think that there are others teaching the same thing, but if you can figure out a way that you can offer something your audience really needs that is unique and different (really dig and think outside of the box), you can stand out.

This is what she did with her Wedding-Preneurs Content Club.

Let’s no forget some kind words she had to say about her experience inside of The Passive Project:

“OMG! I could go on for days about how great your course and programs are and have helped me. I think I own everything you offer. I love your teaching style and your processes really resonate with me.

For me one of the biggest takeaway from Passive Project is that building an online business takes a lot of trial and error. PP has really helped me uncover the changes and tweaks to make in the business as I’m building it. I just hit 200 members inside my membership (one of my big goals!) and I had an 8.3% conversion rate on my launch. I’m turning it evergreen right away!”

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