Evergreen funnels are amazing way to make sales – if you’re doing them right.

If you’re not seeing the results you were hoping for with your funnel, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Every entrepreneur makes their share of mistakes, and I promise your email funnel isn’t broken, it just needs to be tweaked – and I’m here to help you.

These are the top 5 mistakes entrepreneurs make with their evergreen email funnels and what you can do to fix your funnel and start making sales!

5 Mistakes online entrepreneurs are making with their evergreen funnels. Learn how to sell more of your digital products and online courses with an evergreen email funnel that converts!

Top 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make with Their Evergreen Funnels:

#1 – You’re focusing on the features, not the transformation

Stories sell. If you’re not telling a story, you’re not living up to your sales potential.

Think of it this way- let’s say you’re looking for a way to get into shape and shed a few pounds, and someone is selling a workout program you can do at home. They talk about all the different DVD programs it comes with and the app you can use to track your progress, and you have a virtual coach that you can ask questions.

Then you come across someone who is selling a similar program. But instead of telling you about all the fancy virtual programs, they tell you how they were struggling to get into shape as a busy mom of three and had almost given up. Then they discovered this workout program that is so easy to do at home before the kids are awake, and they’re in the best shape of their life. They can fit into their jeans from high school, they’re sleeping better, and they no longer get out of breath playing with their kids on the playground.

Which workout program are you more likely to buy?

Probably the one with the story that shows the transformation! It’s the same with the products or course you’re trying to sell. I know you put a lot of thought and work into the features of your products and I’m sure they’re amazing, but you need to inspire your readers. How is that product going to transform their life for the better? Tell that story, and your sales will skyrocket!

#2 – Your personality isn’t coming through

Your emails are an extension of you, and that needs to come through! Sales is all about connection, and writing emails without any personality is going to make it hard for anyone to connect with you.

You’ve probably heard that the “know, like, and trust factor” helps you with sales because people usually don’t want to buy from complete strangers; being engaging and forming connections is going to help with that so much! You want people to get excited when they see your email pop into their inbox because it’s like getting an email from a friend. You don’t want them immediately deleting your email because they’ve come to realize that your emails are just like everyone else’s.

So add some fun to your emails and make them engaging! You can add some videos or a funny gif or a story that everyone can relate to and make them feel connected to you.

#3 – Your lead magnet doesn’t match your paid products

You might just be getting the wrong people in your funnel. If your lead magnet doesn’t connect strongly enough with the paid product, people probably aren’t ready to buy what you’re offering. The freebie needs to draw them in and give them a taste of what you offer, so once they’ve seen how much value you’ve given them for free, they’ll be scrambling to find their wallet to buy your products!

Have a minute? Go listen to this podcast episode all about how to craft a lead magnet to effectively grow your email list.

My favorite lead magnet is an evergreen webinar (or you can give some other kind of video training). This lets me give tons of value for free to the audience, and at the end, I can pitch my paid product and the audience is ready to buy to get even more value. Plus, being on video allows me to connect more with my audience because they get to see my personality and feel like they know me (just like I talked about in point #2!).

So make sure your lead magnet is connected with your paid product, so when you start pitching, your audience will be ready to buy!

#4 – You’re not revisiting and refining your funnel

Done is better than perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go back and edit your funnels. Yes, your funnels should be running on their own and selling for you, but they’re not entirely one-and-done. You should revisit your funnels and update them every so often – especially if they’re not working as well as you would like them to be right now.

You should make sure you’re updating your copy and testing to see if messaging in one funnel resonates more with your audience than another. After you start getting testimonials on your products or programs, you should add them to your funnels to show the transformation your clients and students experienced (just like in point #1!). The more you test and refine your funnel, the more success you’re going to see!

#5 – You’re not tracking your data

You need to be refining your funnels, but these changes should be driven by the data. Evergreen funnels work for any niche, but you need to follow the numbers and don’t make emotional decisions.

If you’re testing out different subject lines, are you tracking the opens? If you’re changing the messaging or placement of the link button, are you making sure the click rates of your emails are improving? Do you know how many products you’re selling per lead magnet signup?

If you don’t know the data, you won’t know if your funnel is working! And then you won’t know what you need to test or what changes you need to make. So refine your funnel, but make sure your decisions are backed by data, not just guesses or what you think feels right.

Want more about data, what to track, and what it means? I dive into it ALL in this podcast episode!

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