Do you want to work LESS and live MORE?

I think that’s every online entrepreneur’s dream.

Today I am breaking it down on my goal setting method, how to prioritize, and work so efficiently that you won’t even believe how much you get done (and watch your income grow as a result).

The goal-setting method that changed my business. How to set strategic business goals, work in 90-day quarters, and work efficiently so that you can skyrocket your productivity and income. #goalsetting #productvitytips #timemanagement #lifehacks #growyourblog #growblogtraffic #growblogaudience

As an online entrepreneur, do you ever feel like you are just running on that hamster wheel, doing all the things you need to be doing, but not actually getting ahead with your business?

Maybe you are posting all the time on instagram, but don’t really see huge growth in your following or engagement.

Or maybe you are publishing multiple new blog posts per week but your income doesn’t seem to be increasing.

Or that you have all these ideas of things you want to accomplish with your business but can’t seem to find the time to tackle them.

I totally get it. I used to have all of those same feelings, until I started implementing a method for myself of how I work.

Watch today’s YouTube video to learn exactly how I set strategic income-producing goals, work in 90-day chunks, and manage my days to optimize my productivity.

Key Takeaways:

+ HOW you can get way more done with less time by working in 90-day quarters allowing you to stay focused and motivated

+ Why my business goals ALWAYS “focus on the hundred dollar bills”, like my friend Amber McCue teaches

+ The BIGGEST mistake most entrepreneurs make when they set goals

+ WHY I don’t look at my email until 2:00pm everyday

+ The CHANGES you can make to increase your productivity and watch your revenue skyrocket

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