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Holiday Email Marketing: A Sample Schedule for your Online Shop

#Holiday #Email #Marketing Campaign for Online #Shop Owners. Don't know what to write in your email blasts? Use this sample schedule! Great for etsy or shopify shops!

One of the reasons it is so important to constantly be building your email list, is because email lists convert better than any other platform for making sales. A social media post may barely get seen by your followers, but an email is WAY more likely to be opened and engaged with by your audience.

Wondering how to have a shop sale and use your email list effectively?

Want to capitalize on Black Friday and Holiday sales using your email list?

Don’t know what to write, or when to send?

Keep reading for a detailed sample schedule that I have written for you below!


#Holiday #Email #Marketing Campaign for Online #Shop Owners. Don't know what to write in your email blasts? Use this sample schedule! Great for etsy or shopify shops!

Sample Holiday Email Marketing Campaign:

Alright, here we go.

You’ll want to draft and schedule these emails to go out in the lead up to any holiday or major sale you might be running. If you don’t have your own online shop, you can totally use a similar schedule for promoting affiliate products, too.

This is a 5-week campaign. It takes on average 7 mentions of a product before a purchase is made, which is why we want to be cleverly inserting our products into our emails way before the actual promotion or sale. If you are regularly sending helpful content to your list already (like on a weekly basis), then you could shorten this down to a 3-week campaign.


Week 1:

You want to warm up your email list, offering them great, helpful content. For week 1, send some kind of useful email to your audience.

This may be your latest room makeover, a DIY tutorial, a recipe, anything that you publish on your blog and will be valuable to your audience.

If you can, try to make it an article that includes your product somehow. So if it’s a room makeover, if you can inject your product in there (say you sell art prints or pillows!). If it’s a recipe, include one of the mugs you sell in your shop. It’s not a blatant sales email, but you are cleverly showing off your product.


Week 2:

Send another helpful email!

If you haven’t published a new blog post, this could be an article or fellow blogger’s post that you loved and you know your reader will like.

For example, you might have seen a new home tour from your favourite blogger that is just stunning and you know your audience will be crazy for it – share that!

Anything that is engaging, helpful, and inspiring for your readers.

Week 3:

You probably publish a gift guide every holiday season on your blog. Publish it, and then make sure to send around an email to your list that directs your readers to your gift guide.

In my experience, narrowing the theme of the gift guide helps it do better. So instead of just doing “gifts for her”, it might be “gifts for the girl who loves home decor” or “gifts for fixer upper fans” or “gifts for 4 year old girls who love science”. Your theme here will depend on your audience, but try to niche it down.

The other thing you want to do here is include 2-3 of your own products within the gift guide. Again, you are getting them seen by your audience. Did you know that on average it takes 7 instances of someone seeing your product before they will buy? This is why you need to get it in front of them a lot before you actually announce your sale.


Week 4:

Video is an amazing way of engaging your audience at another level. They get to see and hear you in a more real way.

For this week’s email, try to do a video of some kind where you are showing off your product line and answering any frequently asked questions about your products.

You can do this as a Facebook Live Stream on your blog Facebook page that you can then embed in your email, or record it and upload it to YouTube.

Don’t stress about this being a beautifully put-together video. A fun live stream is totally good enough! The key thing is that you are showing off your products in a fun way. If you sell tea towels, do the video in your kitchen and show off your designs. If you sell art prints for kids room, do a room tour of your kid’s room where the artwork is featured.

Most email service providers don’t allow you to embed the video directly in the email, so just take a screenshot of the video image, embed that in your email, and then link the image to where you video is hosted.


Week 5:

This is the big sale week!

You are going to want to send multiple emails to make sure everyone sees the promotion.

Don’t stress about bombarding your email list – during promo times, people are used to getting several emails. If they unsubscribe, well they weren’t your true fan anyway!

Here are the 3 emails you want to send in week 5:

  • Email #1 – You’ll send this email out at the beginning of the week, hinting at the sale that’s about to come. Give them the sale start date/time and what the promotions are going to be (% discount, free gift with purchase, free shipping, etc). Make it peppy and fun!
  • Email #2 – Sale starts! Send this email the minute your sale starts. Make sure you have clear links to your shop, remind them of the promotions, and have some great catchy graphics.
  • Email #3 – This is your last chance email. Send this one out about 4 hours before the end of your sale. Remind them to act fast and that stock is dwindling. You want to create a sense of urgency in this email. Going, going, gone!


That’s a wrap! Sit back and watch the sales roll in 🙂

I recommend writing this email sequence out in advance so that you have everything ready to go. If you use an email service like ConvertKit, you can have it all scheduled so you literally don’t have to lift a finger during the promotion.

I would also encourage you to send engaging and helpful emails regularly to your email list, so that they are used to seeing things from you. If you have an email list that is primed to receive great content from you, then they are more likely to open your emails and buy products. Cultivating your email list should be a top priority as a blog and business owner.


Good luck and let me know how it goes! 


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