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Here it comes …

Create round-up posts of your own content.

I’m not talking about round up posts where you are using other people’s content (ie. “The 10 best all-white kitchens”). Nope. Caution: if you do ever want to write a post like that, make sure you ALWAYS get written permission from any blogger you want to feature.

What I’m talking about is rounding up your own content. You may not have realized it, but you probably write blog content with the same overall themes.

If you post a lot of DIY project tutorials, could you round them up into “10 DIY projects under $10”? Or “8 projects you can make with paint chips”?

If you are a food blogger, it might be more like “The 10 best chocolate dessert recipes” or “Easy Crockpot Dinners for Big Families”, etc.

If you post holiday content, it might be “5 Simple Easter Decorations you can make with your kids”, or “10 Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas”.

If you are a home decor blogger, it could be “5 room transformations for less than $500” (assuming these are all rooms you have posted).

See where I’m going with this?

How to Create your Round Up:

Sit down with your blog and look through past content. What blog posts could you pull together into a round-up? What are some of your over-arching themes?

Once you’ve identified a round-up theme, the most important thing you want to do is create a great pinnable graphic for that blog post that features the images from the individual blog posts. Use some text overlay to demonstrate what the theme of the round-up is to entice viewers to click over.

You can easily create collage graphics like this using free software like PicMonkey or Canva. Both are very user-friendly. Keep reading to get the step-by-step on how to create one in Canva.

Want to see a great example?

My girlfriend Colleen from Lemon Thistle has done a great job at rounding up some of her themed projects.

Here is one with brush lettering projects (you’ll have to click over to really see the pin!).

And she did it again here for some St. Patrick’s Day themed blog posts.

So smart, right?

You don’t need to include a ton of text in these blog posts. Basically just little blurbs about each project with a link. The main purpose of doing these round-ups is to get some good Pinterest and search engine traffic.

You should be able to whip one of these out pretty quickly. Maybe make it a goal for yourself to do 1 per month?

Design your Pinnable Collage in Canva

Let’s go through a quick example of how to create a collage in Canva.

First up, I use the “custom dimensions” for making longer collage-style pins. I go with 730 by 1300 (the usual pin size is more like 1100 in length, but I go longer for collages).

In Canva, you create collages by going into “layouts” and choosing the collage layout you like that matches the number of images you have. You might cover up a few of the images with a rectangle and overlay text, so keep that in mind.

Alternatively, you don’t have to use layouts. You can just use the blank canvas, upload your photos, and place them yourself (basically skip this layout step and hop down to the “uploads” step).

Next, click on “uploads” and upload your blog post images.

Drag and drop them into each spot (you can see below that I started placing two of my images into the collage).

Once you’ve filled up your collage, then add in a rectangle (under “Elements”) and some text on top with the title of your pin.

Download the finished product, and you’re done!

Once you’ve created one of these, it’s easy to replicate for additional round up posts.

How to create a round-up blog post using Canva. Create this pinnable graphic with a collage of photos - great to drive traffic from Pinterest.

How to Get Traffic To the Round Up:

There are two things I want you to do to get this round-up post to gain traction.

#1 –> The first is your Pinterest strategy. Make sure that you pin that graphic to all of your own relevant pinterest boards, plus regularly pin it to group boards that you are a part of. Slowly but surely it should gain traction. Remember that Pinterest is a “slow burn” kind of platform – you need to be patient! Monitor how these pins do and adjust them as you go and learn what does well.

#2 –> Then secondly, when you are creating the title for your round-up blog post, I want you to make sure it’s optimized well for SEO. This means it will come up in Google searches.

Use a 3-4 word keyword phrase that is highly searched in Google. You can use Google’s Keyword Tool for this, or just search in Google to see what auto-pops up (what pops up = more highly searched) and scroll to the bottom of that first google page for other relevant search phrases. Use something like the wordpress Yoast plugin so you can get the “green light” when you know you are optimized with that keyword phrase.

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