the passive project

The program for experienced Course Creators who are ready to dial up their strategy, build an evergreen sales system, and sustainably grow their revenue.

living launch-to-launch kinda blows, right?

You’ve created and launched your online course (yessss!) but now you need to take that offer and turn it into consistent income.

The old way of selling with live launches can be thrilling, but also comes with a side order of exhaustion.

Waiting until the next “open cart” to welcome new students into your program means inconsistent revenue, slow momentum, and frankly, a lot of money left on the table.

And i'm here to change that.

instead, let's build predictable revenue

Living on that rollercoaster, with your livelihood relying on the success of your launches isn’t the business you had imagined.

What happened to a chill business with revenue coming in with more ease? Isn’t that why you got into this in the first place?

It’s time to create a system that has more security. One where you can predict how many students or sales to expect in a given month, because you have a system in place to make it happen.

create scalable systems

That whole “making money while you sleep” thing? 

It’s 100% real. 

But it’s not as easy as running Facebook ads to a sales page.

It’s about creating a personalized, evergreen sales “machine” that can run on autopilot.

Where your new leads feel seen, heard, and excited to enroll in your program.

Once you have an evergreen system built, there is no income ceiling. The numbers are black and white – the more leads you put into it, the more money you make.

(and no matter how “big” you get, waking up to Stripe notifications never gets old)

Imagine having a steady stream of new students enrolling in your program and building a sustainable, stable business based on your course.
Sound too good to be true? It's not.

HERE's a sneak peak into your future...

When you build out the system and understand the strategy, here's what starts to happen...

consistent sales

Once you have an evergreen sales system in place that converts, you have new students enrolling on the reg.

Sure there are daily ebbs and flows, but damn it’s pretty sweet when a $997 sale comes in while you’re out taking the kids to gymnastics class.

live launch injections

Evergreen is amazing, but there are going to be buyers who don’t purchase during that initial interaction. 

This is why we still use chill live launches to give them the opportunity to jump in when the time is right. Watch your dashboard get some juicy cash injections!

recurring revenue

The advantage of using my Hybrid Marketing Method approach is that you’ll start to see payment plans stacking, your monthly recurring revenue will increase, and you will be building a stable business for the long haul. 

No more worrying about how much you’ll make, and instead stacking on growth month over month.

the elephant in the room

Can we get something out of the way? Because I need to make it clear that I’m NOT here to sell you on a “magic bullet” to overnight 6- or 7-figure success like the sales-y Facebook ads would have to believe…

… but what I CAN do is show you the steps to take to become a data-driven, funnel-building CEO who knows exactly how to grow their course revenue month over month.

(with approaches, tools, and templates proven to work by myself and my clients)

hey! I'm gemma bonham-carter.

After blogging about home decor for 6 years, I sold my first online course in 2016 and was immediately hooked.

But this isn’t an overnight success story with a “6-figure launch!” right out the gate.

I grew my business slow and steady, with two young kids at home (hellooo, naptime hustle!).

And because we’re talking money, it seems appropriate to share my gross revenue:

  • $13k in course sales in 2017.
  • $132K in 2018.
  • $250K in 2019.
  • $500K in 2020.
  • $650k in 2021.

(averaging a 40-60% profit margin – taking team, ads, software, and other expenses into consideration)

Predictable, sustainable growth year over year.

And a business that allows me to live my life OFF my computer.

We travel for 10 weeks a year as a family. I work 25 hours a week. And I make sales every single day (literally didn’t have a $0 day in 2020 or 2021).

You can create a “lifestyle business” around your online course and digital offers. I’m proof. 

Inside The Passive Project, I share the complete system that has worked for me and hundreds of my clients and students, so you can make this happen, too.

as seen on...


... and named by Entrepreneur as the Top 5 Women in Business in 2021

No more hustling for every customer, going in circles, or getting distracted by every new shiny tactic or social media platform.


I’ve created the solution to help get you there 10x faster.

The program for ambitious Course Creators who are ready to dial up their strategy, grow their business, and make consistent revenue on autopilot.

The Passive Project is everything you need to:

*ALL NEW* for 2022:


the passive project course

The Passive Project course shows you how to build out your evergreen sales system to hit those consistent $5k, $10K and higher revenue months.

A comprehensive course with 6 modules, 50+ hours of video content, spreadsheets, and templates:


elevate magazine

As a member of The Passive Project, you will receive a subscription to our monthly Digital Magazine, Elevate.

Each issue is packed with new articles, content, strategies, tips, and templates. Articles are written by Gemma, guest experts, and featured members of the community.

Instead of getting overwhelmed with new content dripping out throughout the month, this will become your one-stop required reading delivered straight to your inbox every month!



monthly live workshops with Gemma

Beyond what you will learn in the self-paced course, we have developed a training program for 2022 that is going to blow you away.

No need to pay extra for these – you get to attend live workshops taught by Gemma every month!

If you did nothing else inside The Passive Project other than attend these workshops, you would still see huge momentum and growth in your business.

These are a do-not-miss element of the program, open exclusively to PP members.


plug 'n play swipe + template vault

Inside our Vault, you’ll never have to write an email, survey, or funnel from scratch again.

You’ll get access to over 50 assets including…


access to the dream team

You know what’s the worst? When you buy a program but then don’t get any support with actually implementing. 

That’s why we are excited to announce our bomb coaching team for 2022: Melissa Litchfield, Chelsea Wallace, Samantha Ste Marie, and Gemma!

From course creation, ads and conversions, live launching, and systems, we’ve got you covered with our areas of expertise.

Here’s what you get: 

–> Monthly Q&A calls with our Conversion Coach, Melissa Litchfield

–> Quarterly Q&A calls with our Launch Coach, Chelsea Wallace

–> Weekly access to the entire coaching team inside of our private Facebook Group

No risk of getting stuck with an experienced business strategist at your fingertips!


exclusive facebook group

This is the thing you probably don’t care about (“Gemma, I don’t NEED another FB group!”), but ends up being the most amazing part of the program.

Build your network and get into a group of supportive business BFFs that will help push you forward, keep you accountable, and be that sounding board for questions as they arise. 

On top of all of that, you're also going to get access to a curated Bonus Suite to take you to the finish line faster...

let's dive into your bonuses:


the Canva template library

Gorgeous graphics matter. 

No need to go buy templates, you get access to 100+ gorgeous assets in our Course Creator Canva Template Library.

Things like…

  • IG Story carousels
  • Live Launch promo graphics
  • Testimonial graphics
  • Slide deck templates
  • Sales page mockups
  • Webinar promo graphics
  • … and more!

$997 value

webinars that work program

Webinars are the best ways to build your list and make sales, but only if they are done right. I’m handing over my…

  • webinar slide deck template
  • foolproof outline
  • plug-and-play webinar script
  • 7 tips to make more sales on your webinar
  • webinar tech set-up tutorial 

Finally create a webinar that converts viewers to buyers with ease that you can use in your funnels and live launches.

$497 value



the tech training vault

Don’t know how to use that new software? Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with tech tutorial videos for all the major platforms:

  • Canva
  • Zoom
  • Webinarjam/Everwebinar
  • DeadlineFunnel
  • Convertkit
  • Kajabi
  • Teachery
  • Podia
  • Thrivecart
  • Leadpages

$997 value

the 6-figure launch playbook

Use the Live Launch Playbook so you know exactly what to do (and when to do it!) during your chill, but profitable, launch.

Plus, this makes your launch super easy to rinse-and-repeat! 


  • Day-by-day Launch Calendar
  • Launch Data Spreadsheet
  • Live Launch IG Story Ideas Bank
  • Funnel Metrics That Matter 

Your launch has never been so hassle-free!

$297 value



the masterclass series

Get access to the Masterclass Series featuring interviews with guest experts including: 

  • Mallory Rowan – The 3×6 Content Method to Sell on Instagram
  • Zach Spuckler – How to Run a Profitable 5-Day Challenge
  • Amanda Genther – Create Your Sales Page in a Day
  • Taylor Slango – How to Use the Law of Attraction for Success in Your Business
  • Aarin Chung – Key Lessons in Growing a Million Dollar Membership
  • Becca Courtice – How to Grow a Million Dollar Digital Product Business in the Arts/Craft Niche
  • Jordan Gill – How to Launch a Podcast Like a Pro
  • Frannie Coggeshall – How to Run Successful Ad Campaigns for Course Creators
  • Kendra Hennessy – Building an Online Course Business in the Mom Niche (and crushing it!)
  • Addi Ganley – How to Leverage Pinterest to Grow Your Sales

$497 value

are you ready for this jelly?

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100% risk-free guarantee

We know this program has incredible value, but we want you to feel confident in enrolling.

If you join and find the fit isn’t right, request a refund within 7 days of purchase. There are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove, and we won’t question you.

We won’t even ask for all of your newly gained biz insight and strategy back 😉

Because of the nature of digital products, this is a pretty generous refund policy. Don’t be the person who joins, downloads all the material, checks out every lesson, and then asks for money back. We can see that on our course platform. It’s just bad karma, k?

"I now have over 300 members!"

“9 months after launching my membership program for teacher entrepreneurs, I now have 135 members (and counting!) which means $5000 in monthly recurring revenue

(update: Alissa has now hit 300+ members!)

Gemma is a breath of fresh air! I was going in a million directions and now have clarity and confidence about my next steps.” 


"My motto is 'just do what Gemma says' and it's paid off handsomely!"

The Passive Project has become the backbone of my growth this past year!

I’ve learned to live by the motto, “just do what Gemma says,” because it has paid off handsomely for me 😉

The support inside PP is like none other – the coaching calls, docs, and tangible deliverables have been a direct byproduct of my latest 6-figure year.

You need to get your butt inside PP stat!


hop on in...

choose your payment option:







are we a hot match?

you are a great fit for The Passive Project if:

Real-time strategies. Month-over-month growth. Zero smoke and mirrors. And a community of peers cheering you on.


Absolutely not.

This is YOUR business. And that means you get to do what feels in alignment with how you best operate.

I’m not going to make you pretend a webinar is live when it’s not.

I’m not about fake urgency.

And you don’t have to use any tactics that leave a bad taste in your mouth.

An evergreen sales experience can still be effective without all of those things (ask me how I know!) 😉


You want to build an evergreen sales “machine” and test it to your warm, organic audience first.

Ads as often positioned as a miracle solution that can turn anyone into a successful entrepreneur. But you can spend thousands on ads and lose it all if your funnel and sales process are broken.

Once you have a funnel that you know converts, then you can scale it up like crazy using paid ads.

Short answer: It’s both. 

When you join you get instant access to all of The Passive Project course content. This will show you how to build out your evergreen sales funnel for your digital offer (step-by-step over 6+ comprehensive modules), create your product suite for your business, and so much more.

But you also get the benefits of a membership, like a new Guest Expert live training every month throughout the year. Monthly live group coaching calls with Gemma. New templates and tools dropping on the reg.  A private Facebook group to hang with your fellow members. It’s like having a biz coach and community in your back pocket to keep you moving the needle forward in your biz.

The Passive Project is amazing value. There are so many high-ticket group coaching programs where you have to fork over thousands (or tens of thousands). My aim here is accessibility. I want to reach as many entrepreneurs and make as big of an impact as possible, which means selling this at an un-inflated price point. 

As soon as you enroll, you get immediate access to The Passive Project student dashboard.

This is where you’ll find all of the course content – literally hours and hours of video content to help you create your evergreen funnels, build out your product suite, and grow your audience.

You’ll also get the calendar of live group coaching calls (these take place every month) and access to our private community on Facebook, so you can start connecting with other members and our Coaching Team.

You’ll also start receiving Elevate Magazine every month in your inbox. This will become your “required reading” each month, and will be a huge help with growing your business.

You also get access to an entire Bonus stack, which we won’t list here because it would take up way too much space.

It’s a lot… get excited 🙂

It’s both!  

There are a ton of recorded lessons for you to take at your own pace, along with workbooks, swipe copy, templates and tools.  

But there are also monthly live coaching sessions and workshops to attend:

-One live workshop per month with Gemma (see our list of 2022 themes!)

-One live Q&A call per month with Conversion Coach, Melissa Litchfield

-One live Launch Clinic call per quarter with our Launch Expert, Chelsea Wallace

Our group is also a super engaged place to be with me, our Coaching Team, and other members regular connecting.

OK I get it. We are all busy. 

But when it comes to your business, what if you DIDN’T have to wear that busy badge?  

What if you could implement effective strategies that would help you earn an income with ease?  

Because that is what we are all about in The Passive Project. We believe that you don’t have to hustle and grind for success. If you build and scale your business with focus, simplicity and clarity, it can actually give you so much time back in your day.

Totally! If you choose our Annual option, you’ll only pay once per year. You then get to decide if you want to continue on next year (no pressure or commitment required!).

We want you to feel entirely comfortable enrolling. 

If you join The Passive Project and the fit isn’t right, simply request a refund within 7 days of purchase.

On the month-to-month, you can cancel anytime. No strings attached or sneaky 12-month commitment hidden in there. 

Because of the nature of digital products, this is a pretty generous refund policy. Don’t be the person who joins, downloads all the material, checks out every lesson, and then asks for money back. We can see that on our course platform. It’s just bad karma.

File_000 (1)

You have everything it takes to build a wildly successful course business. The opportunity has never been more available than it is right now.

You can spend hours a day on Instagram, trying to build your followers in hopes they will turn into customers…

You can run non-stop challenges, launches, promotions, and summits…

You can launch new program after new program to keep generating revenue…

… or you can get OFF the hamster wheel and instead build out a predictable, scalable system for sales that works.

i'll see you on the inside!

choose your payment option

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