Are you launching an online course and need to create your content? Want to know how to record course videos for free?

I’ve got the perfect software option for you.

I’ll give you a hint. It’s free, most of us already use it and have it installed in our computers, and you don’t have to edit a thing afterwards.

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how to record online course videos for free

Alright, the suspense is over.

What is the software I’m referring to?


How to Record Course Videos Using Zoom:

Zoom is often used as a video conferencing tool, but it totally does double duty as a video recording tool as well.

You can use it to record two styles of videos:

  1. You speaking on screen (full face on camera)
  2. You sharing a slide deck presentation or your computer screen (great for lessons or tech walk-throughs)

In this video below, I’ll take you through a tech tutorial and show you exactly how to do this using Zoom.

If you want to sign up for a free Zoom account, here’s the link below to sign up and get started: ==> Sign up for Zoom here


Right now I have open a PowerPoint presentation. I happen to use PowerPoint, but you can use Keynote or Google slides or a Canva presentation for your slides. I just come on over here to slideshow. I have to click on setup slideshow and make I have selected browsed by an individual at a window so it doesn’t always go full screen on me. Then I can just click play from the start and that way it’s open and ready for me to dive into in my video. Then I come on over to my Zoom and I just start a meeting. Hey, I’ll make this smaller. I’m just going to join my Zoom meeting here. As always, you can just make sure it’s on the right mic and all of that thing.

Then I’m just going to click on share screen, and I’m going to share my PowerPoint screen here and automatically it pops me into a little corner and what you can see here is see how it’s green around my presentation? That tells me that this is the screen that’s recording. Then when I come on down here, if you hover over the green and red bar, this all pops up. When you click on more and then record on this computer, don’t record to the cloud, because that’ll record to your Zoom account. You just record to this computer. Then I would start my video presentation, ladidadida, say what I want to say. I can come on over here and just flip through my slides and talk through them, whatever it is I’m needing to talk through.

Then when I’m done, I just bring my mouse over here. I can click stop recording right here, stop recording. Then I can click stop share or I can just end my meeting straight from here. When I end my meeting, basically what happens is it starts to convert the recording. Now this may take a long time if your presentation was long. Ours is short because it was just a few seconds there and you can see what happens when Zoom does this for you. You automatically get an audio only recording, which is really nice if you want to embed the audio track as an option for students. If they don’t really need to see the slides or see you talking, you can just have it as an audio and then see this Zoom_0? What happens is when we double click on it opens up and this is our recording. See, there you go. There I am in the corner with my slides and using a lot of hands gestures as I usually do, but you’ve got yourself an amazing video there with your little face in the corner and going through your slides, which I love and the resolution is good. The sound is good if you’ve got a good microphone, all of that thing.

You can see there, I was looking down to find the right button to stop recording. What I always do is I use QuickTime, which is just comes on my Mac computer, but you can use any sort of video editing software. This is really simple. I just come and I trim. I just trim out the very, whatever it is. Usually I’m looking at my face and trying to end with a smiley face on myself. Then I just click trim and then file, and I would save that video as whatever I wanted to save it as, click save, and my video file would be done. That’s literally how I record all of my video content with my face in the corner.

Here’s the thing. I think it’s nice to have your face in the corner because I find it personalizes the course experience for people and really, it kind of builds that connection between you and your students. I really encourage you to do it this way, if you feel comfortable having yourself on camera. That’s it. How to record your video content using Zoom. So cool, right?

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