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Start Your Online Shop: 8 Bloggers Who Sell Physical Products

One of the things I’m always talking about when it comes to monetizing your blog, is to make sure that you diversify your income streams. In the ever-changing landscape of blogging, you do not want to put all of your eggs in one basket.


If you rely solely on ad revenue, then if your page views take a nose-dive because of a pinterest algorithm change, you’re panicking. If you rely mostly on sponsored posts and there are a dry couple of months when brand budgets are down, you’ll be feeling that too. If you rely only on affiliate income, what if a slow month randomly hits after Christmas?

By diversifying the income streams, if one of them takes a hit one month, then it isn’t really the end of the world. And, let’s have some real talk: it’s hard to build up a sizeable income with only the traditional forms of blog monetization (ads, sponsored work, affiliate marketing). It takes time, a lot of hard work, and the chase for page views.

Selling your own products or services – whatever that might look like for you – is something I recommend to every single blogger who wants to turn their blog into a business. It means you are taking your revenue into your own hands.


Selling Physical Products:

So what about going the physical product route? Are you at a bit of a loss of where to start? Thinking about starting a product line can be daunting or overwhelming.

I thought it would be fun to check out what others are doing as a source of inspiration. Here are some amazing bloggers who have all started selling physical products. They are all a little different, doing things their own way, and rocking it.


1 // Centsational Girl

Kate from Centsational Girl is one of the original DIY and home decor bloggers. The girl has created an amazing and popular blog, that tons of folks flock to for inspiration and advice. She clearly has an eye for design, so she has used that to create a fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap line utilizing SpoonFlower. So many people go to her for design advice, so it was probably a natural move to offer something that could help get that “Centsational Girl look” in their own homes.

Spoonflower is a cool way to go, too, since they do all the printing so it’s extremely easy to setup a shop and you don’t need to worry about inventory and overhead costs.

Check out Kate’s shop here.



2 // Craftberry Bush

You guys know Lucy from CraftBerry Bush, right? She does the most gorgeous watercolour paintings – such a talent! She has been able to take those paintings of hers and create a full product line using Society6. Society6 handles the manufacturing of the products, the payment processing, and the shipping, so it’s extremely easy to get started on their website.

Having a popular blog like CraftBerry Bush means that Lucy can direct her readers to her shop. I would guess that it might be challenging to get your stuff seen on a Society6 shop on it’s own (there are so many other sellers out there!), but being able to send your blog readers over to the shop is great.

Check out Lucy’s shop here.



3 // Dans Le Lakehouse

Tanya from Dans Le Lakehouse has a knack for finding quirky and collectible vintage wares. She has created an engaged and large blog readership by writing about her mission to decorate her lakeside home in a mid-century style (with a lot of turquoise!). Because her readers love that same style, she started an Etsy shop where she sells her vintage finds. Tanya loves the treasure hunting, so this was a perfect avenue for her to increase her revenue by doing something she adores and is good at.

Check out her shop here.



4 // The Sweet Escape

Melissa from The Sweet Escape sells the most lovely handmade cake toppers. I wish I could get married all over again just to be able to use one of these beauties. I definitely have a cake topper on my wish-list for James and Maya’s birthdays next year!

Since Melissa is an amaaaaazing crafter and event stylist, this was a perfect avenue for her to take. It allows readers to get some of that signature Melissa-look for their own parties.

Check out Melissa’s shop here.



5 // Vintage Revivals

Mandi from Vintage Revivals has a shop that perfectly reflects her fearless DIY style. From the himmeli wreath kits, to brass planters, to wooden menagerie from her epic nursery design, readers can pick up her products to emulate her style.

I think this is a perfect example of someone who blogs about DIY and design, and who has been able to monetize their blog with products that totally reflect her style and compliment her blog posts.

Check out Mandi’s shop here.



6 // In The Fun Lane

Holly from In the Fun Lane has incredible style. I love the way she keeps her spaces really neutral and minimalist, but will then throw in little pops of colour in a quirky way. She doesn’t have a big shop, but she has started selling some of her art prints through her blog. They are photographs she took in New Orleans and they have that quintessential “Holly style”. I love them!

Check out Holly’s shop here.



7 // East Coast Creative

Monica from East Coast Creative Blog came out with a bedding board game. I know, I know, you’re like ….  “ummm, a what, Gemma?”

No, it isn’t all about sex. It’s about bringing fun and games back into your relationship. Getting you to communicate and laugh with your partner. Just go have a look, it’s pretty neat.  And TOTALLY different from any other physical product I have seen other DIY and Home bloggers create.

Check out Monica’s board game here.



8 // The Sweetest Digs (me!!)

And me! I have been selling physical products of one kind or another since 2012. I started with knitted items on Etsy (flop!!!) but have learned and made my way through trial and error to a product line that I love and feel excited about.

I sell art prints, pillows, pouches, mugs, and tote bags.

I have used Etsy since getting started, but am planning on getting my products directly available on this site too in the new year. I design everything myself, but then use manufacturing partners to turn my products into real life things.

Check out my shop here.


So there you have it.

Eight bloggers who have created physical product lines to help monetize their blogging businesses.


Want more?

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Head here to read more about how to design a product line using drop-shipping manufacturers. It’s way easier than you think!


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