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How to Start an Etsy Shop: The Ultimate 2017 Guide

I have been a creative, crafty person ever since I was little. Doing arts and crafts was my jam, and I used to churn out rainbow drawings like it was my JOB. I was in my 20’s, working at a non-profit from 9-5, when I heard about Etsy for the first time. An online marketplace …

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Want one simple, easy tip to increase your blog traffic? Click through to get this juicy secret strategy that will help drive traffic from Pinterest and google search. A must for any blogger!

The Easiest Tip for Increasing Your Blog Traffic Fast

Do you want one quick tip that could majorly increase your blog traffic fast? Something so simple you might have wondered why you didn’t think of it before? The answer?   Create round-up posts of your own content. I’m not talking about round up posts where you are using other people’s content (ie. “The 10 …

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My Honest ConvertKit Review

Email lists are a really important part of running a successful blogging business. I truly believe that you need to stop worrying too much about social media and instead focus on building your email list: It’s going to stay with you no matter what algorithm changes happen, or what social media fads come and go. That group …

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How To Use Affiliate Links on Pinterest To Make Money

Affiliate marketing is one of those avenues of blog monetization that you want to hit from all angles. Often it just brings in little drops of income, but each of those drops will fill a bucket and can turn into a lucrative income stream. So outside of blog posts, you need to make sure you …

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How to Create Your Own Product Line with Dropshipping Manufacturers

Have you wondered how to create your own product line without going the handmade route?   If you have been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know I am a big promoter of diversifying your income streams as a blogger. There are the traditional ways of monetizing – display ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored work …

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Seasonal Blog Post Ideas for Every Month of the Year - perfect for home, DIY and lifestyle bloggers. No more writer's block when you use this as your guide to blog content creation!

How To Create a Year’s Worth of Blog Post Ideas in 1 Hour

Do you ever struggle with coming up with blog post ideas and planning out your content? Hit writer’s block from time to time, or just feel plain un-motivated? Well, working from some overall theme guidelines might just be what you need to stay on track and come up with a ton of blog posts.   I …

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Free Stock Photos | The best websites to find royalty free stock photos and images that you can use for any personal or commercial project. Perfect for bloggers who need images for their blogs and social media! Click through for the full list.

The 10 Best Sites For Free Stock Photos

One of the things that I notice a lot when new bloggers hit the scene, is that they don’t realize that photos out on the internet cannot be used on their blogs. Even if you link back to the original source, it constitutes a copyright violation to have any photo on your blog that isn’t yours …

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Start Your Online Shop: 8 Bloggers Who Sell Physical Products

One of the things I’m always talking about when it comes to monetizing your blog, is to make sure that you diversify your income streams. In the ever-changing landscape of blogging, you do not want to put all of your eggs in one basket. Why? If you rely solely on ad revenue, then if your page …

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Etsy Shop Tips | Thinking about opening up an Etsy shop? Wondering if you should open up on your own e-commerce website instead? Here are the reasons why starting on Etsy is a great idea, and how launching a product line can be a good avenue for monetizing your blog. Click through for the full post and lots of etsy and blogging tips!

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Selling on Etsy

One of the best ways to monetize your blog is to create a product or service to sell. The key to building up a successful income as a blogger is to diversify, and by selling your own stuff you are not only in total control, but the sky is the limit in terms of income generation. …

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Printable Blog Planner | Blog Tools | Blogging Editorial Calendar and Worksheets | Blogger Guidebook

The Printable Blog Planner That Will Help You Grow Your Blog Biz

Do you want to double or triple your productivity as a blogger? Start actually using an editorial calendar and goal-setting method and stick to it? Use a system for each blog post that will ensure it’s written in an evergreen, SEO and Pinterest-ready way? Then grab your coffee and keep reading. I’ve got a really …

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