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On The Course Creator Show, Gemma pulls back the curtain to give you the strategy, tips, and inspiration you need to create a successful business. 

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Host of the Course Creator Show

Gemma bonham-carter

After running a side hustle home decor blog for 6 years, Gemma launched her first course in 2017 and quickly realized that teaching business strategy was her passion. She left her public health career and founded her education company, GemmaBonhamCarter.com, and has since grown it into a 7-figures a year business. 

She now teaches entrepreneurs how to create, launch, and scale their own online courses. She has served 8,000 students across hundreds of industries including health, wellness, real estate, marketing, and more. Her two primary programs are Course Creator School (for new course creators) and The Passive Project (for experienced course creators looking to get to $100k+/year). 

Named by Entrepreneur as a “Top 5 Women in Business in 2021”, Gemma has been featured in Inc., The Globe & Mail, BuzzFeed, Today.com and more. With a loyal audience of over 60k—Gemma’s unique take on online entrepreneurship has made her the go-to voice for ambitious personal brand business owners who want to launch courses and build a lifestyle business. 

You can find her in Ottawa, Canada where she is raising two young kids, growing a second business in real estate, and watching the latest episode of Real Housewives.

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