I have a sustainable 6-figure business, and [maybe even more importantly], I love what I do and what I've built. I feel confident knowing I have the foundation and systems in place for consistent growth without the hustle, and I continue to implement the funnels and strategies that Gemma so graciously dishes to our community. One of her insights alone provided a small but mighty shift in my offer, helping me hit a recent $40K live launch. I believe every course creator can benefit from having Gemma in their corner - she's as talented, insightful, authentic, and genuine as they get. 


Before coming into Gemma's world, too much of my time was spent guessing, wondering, and "what if-ing." Most of my income was still heavily dependent on 1:1 work, and while I knew I was on the cusp of growing, I didn't know exactly how that would happen... I needed more clarity, strategy, and a legitimate vision from someone who had been down this path. 


Dani Paige, Launch Copywriter & Copy Mentor, Founder of Sales Page Prep School


"One of Gemma's insights provided a small but mighty shift in my offer, helping me hit a recent $40K live launch."

"The Passive Project is the best investment I have made for my business. This is a no brainer."

Shana Yurko, social media expert

Libby Langley, Marketing Coach

I have just uploaded the last lesson of the last module of my course. Happy dance time! 

CCS helped me to think about the structure in a way that was totally different to the workshops I had always run.

Can’t thank you enough for this course, Gemma. I love how you keep everything real. No BS or fluff - simple and effective. I would not have created anything half as good without you!

Kelly morrison, Affiliate Program Expert

I love being a member of The Passive Project because Gemma makes it so easy to know what to do step-by-step to create your funnels for your offerings. 

Using her Email Funnel Overview, I was able to write out my entire email funnel one Saturday morning while I was waiting on a cake to bake, and within 48 hours I had my first sale from that funnel! 

I'm learning so much in Passive Project and I love how it's no fluff, easy to implement lessons!

Lizzie Bolliger, birth doula

I started with 66 people on my email list and somewhere around 9,200 followers on Instagram. I spent a month on consuming the course content and doing the homework. And in ONLY 2 months, I launched a course (finally!) I enrolled 12 new students. I grew my email list to 337 and I grew my Instagram following to 10.7K. 
I could not have done all this in THAT short of time without CCS and all of Gemma’s guidance. I know this because I have been trying to get that growth for months and had the idea of a course in my head since January! Thank you, Gemma!

I wrote and launched my course and got 31 students right away!

I am absolutely blown away by the growth I’ve seen in such a short period of time.

I had my first funnel sale within 48 hours!

I built and launched our flagship course with Gemma's guidance and grossed over 100k from course sales in the first year!


Wanted to build and launch a course, but was overwhelmed and unsure how to move forward. Needed guidance and support.


Katie Harrington, Rebel + Rise


"We grossed over 100k in our first year of course sales. I'm so glad I enlisted Gemma's help."

My biggest takeaway from the course was that it helped me get over my fear to launch. I was worrying too much about all the little details and the PP helped me to see the past that and get the ball rolling. Your course will never be perfect and you can always go back and change what you need. If you worry too much about all the details, you’ll never launch your course! 


Fear of launching.


Stephanie Nguyen, Modern Milk


"My biggest takeaway from the course was that it helped me get over my fear to launch."

I signed up and 10 weeks later I invited everyone on my email list to watch my brand new free class based on Gemma’s webinar and email templates. I was SO excited to get my first sale from my new funnel just 2 hours after turning on the automated email sequence! The Passive Project is exactly what I need right now to stay focused and keep making progress.


Before joining The Passive Project I was floundering. I had just launched my business, The Playful Path to Reading, for the first time and I didn’t have a clear plan for reaching my next goal which was to shift to an evergreen model with an automated webinar and email funnel. 


Lisa Adele, Montessori teacher, Founder of The Playful Path to Reading


"I feel like I’m on track to creating my dream life!"

"Gemma's approach works. I'm living, breathing proof of it. I am so grateful for the guidance that she offered as my coach."

Anna Walker, Marketing for therapists

Kristi Rowles, Enneagram expert and Founder of Enneagram University 

I cannot say enough about how PP changed my business, equipped me with so much confidence, and saw me through my most recent launch of over $19k! 
The Passive Project is JAM-packed with all the possible things you need to evergreen your business. I’ve literally used it as a library for the last year building email funnels, crafting a killer webinar, and building an actual passive machine that will provide for my business for years to come. Even after a year in Passive Project, I still feel like there is so much value I haven’t gotten to work through yet. I’ve never purchased a program as valuable as Passive Project. 

Christine Blubaugh, Conversion Copywriting Expert

I love how PP is such a complete education for experienced digital product creators. Gemma shares everything - including ALL the things she uses in her own business. I LOVE the templates! It's awesome. 

Ellen Mackenzie, Social Media Manager and Educator

It's the first time ever I've actually had people buy live on a webinar! PP completely changed the way I teach webinars and sell my offers. I always thought I ran "good" webinars but now my mind has been blown.

I realised how much I was hiding my offer at the end and felt guilty trying to sell to people. That mindset shift has been my biggest win from the program. I now have it on an evergreen funnel that’s converting at 2% and I’ve 4X’d my course sales in one year, from $22k to $85k! 

Gemma’s Passive Project is the definition of undersell and overdeliver.

Learning Gemma’s strategy on how to do webinars resulted in a 7% conversion rate!

By using the PP strategies, I took an evergreen funnel from 3% to a 5% conversion rate. 

I finally launched! My course is a masterclass on all the technical things around the photo booth industry. I binged the videos in Course Creator School and actioned along the way. I got 124 signed up for my webinar, 64 showed and 51 stayed the ENTIRE HOUR. What??? I ended the webinar and hit 6 sales at $1,497 USD. I'm shook. After 48 more hours, I closed the cart and we had 31 founding members, for a total of $45,900 USD. Thanks Gemma for this course!


Wanted to teach her extensive expertise of the photobooth industry to others


Catalina Bloch, Photobooth Expert


"I launched my course and had 31 founding members, for a total of $45,900 USD!"

Within 6 weeks of purchasing CCS, I had a $10k launch! I had to close the doors early, because I only wanted 15 students to go through the founding round with. Gemma, you are AMAZING at what you do and thank you for making such an easy to follow course that anyone can do (and start making passive income!). 


Covid hit and photography business was put on hold. Needed a new revenue stream, fast! 


Janita O'Hara, Photography Coach


"Within 6 weeks of purchasing CCS, I had a $10k launch! I had to close doors early!"

"With CCS and Gemma's guidance I was able to launch my course with a 12% conversion rate! I knocked my launch out of the park!"

Meghan johnston, yoga teacher and wellness educator

Carissa Kruse, Coach for Wedding Professionals

I love your teaching style and your processes really resonate with me.

For me one of the biggest takeaways from Passive Project is that building an online business takes a lot of trial and error. PP has really helped me uncover the changes and tweaks to make in the business as I'm building it. I just hit 200 members inside my membership (one of my big goals!) and I had an 8.3% conversion rate on my launch. I'm turning it evergreen right away! 

Meg Svec, bakery owner + Educator

I appreciated that she was also a mom, and could understand the balance of running multiple businesses while juggling family life. My business would not be in the place it is today without her help teaching me how to build sustainable sales systems into my business and focus my energy on the things I enjoy most, while delegating (or automating) the rest.

I'm on track to do $250,000 by the end of this year, which is just crazy! I was looking back at the goal I set at the beginning of the year and it was to make $50,000. That's how fast this has all happened. I wish I had started 5 years ago! And it's not just about the money, but the impact we're having. We are getting to work with people all over the United States and Canada and getting to change their lives, just like you changed my life Gemma.

lucy gibson, makeup artist

I then increased prices and did my first proper launch using the guidance she had given me. I had 80 sign-ups for my webinar and 46 showed up live! From these 46 I gained 15 new students, banking a total booked sales amount of £4765 ($5825). With it being my first launch, I was delighted with this number! One of the greatest wins Gemma gave me was alerting me to my own money story and encouraging me to charge my worth. 

Gemma taught me not to be afraid to give my work the value it deserves. The 1:1 genuinely changed my business and as a result, my life!

OMG! I could go on for days about how great your course and programs are and have helped me. 

After my 1:1 with Gemma, I overhauled almost every part of the course.

Gemma has a completely no-nonsense approach to scaling and operating an online business. 

I've grown my list from 187 to 1332 in just a few months using what I learned in BYLB! I've also been featured in several magazines including Insider and Refinery29, and I've been accepted into some rather large bundles in my niche which have given me a lot of exposure and new clients! I went from making barely anything to currently making $3-4K per month. This is mostly from a low ticket membership and 1:1 coaching. I went from 0 members to 87 members in my program! My favorite part of CCS is all the kick-ass sequences, tools, and templates. It's SO helpful to know what to say, what to track, what to post, how to validate, what to tweak, exactly when to do what and how to do it. CCS is so comprehensive--from conceiving an idea for an offer to growing a list to sales to delivery and everything in between. I love how I've been supported at each step of my business journey--BYLB helped me grow my list, CCS helped me develop my course, and Passive Project is setting me up for the long term passive income stream that I was looking for. CCS was a critical investment for business and it's already paid off ten fold!


Needed to grow email list and start offering paid programs to her audience


Julie Teffeteller, Relationships


"I've grown my list from 187 to 1332 in just a few months using what I learned in BYLB!"

After blowing through CCS with a vengeance, I launched my first financial course for entrepreneurs/self-employed women. 
I was hoping to get 5 people at a $297 price point to beta test
 this whole thing. I just started Becker Talks Money in February so my audience is small. Welp - I got 44 (!!!!) students, doubled my IG following and wrapped the launch last night at $11,680 (!!!!!) As they say on TikTok, the woman was too stunned to speak. I am too pumped!! 


Wanted to monetize her 1:1 services in a more leveraged way


Sarah Becker, Personal Finance


"I enrolled 44 students, doubled my IG following and wrapped the launch last night at $11,680!"

Laura, microgreens farmer

I am a Microgreens farmer and I created a course teaching others how to start their own Microgreens business. I welcomed 29 students into my founding launch and grossed just under $10k. I'm pretty stoked. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback! Thanks for all your help inside of Course Creator School, Gemma.

Numba Pinkerton, Personal Stylist

With an email list of only 200 and 40 people attending my webinar, I'm really pleased! It definitely feels like the start of something amazing. The value you offer inside Course Creator School is outstanding. Love the structure and how you make everything as simple as possible. Thanks for being an amazing coach. 

Desola Davis, Sales Funnels and Marketing Coach

The emails from Gemma and her team always keep me in the loop and I love the tutorials that I can use to build my online programs. Gemma, her team and the community are available to answer questions that I ask and Gemma is constantly challenging and coaching the members to win as course creators.

I took Gemma up on her challenge to create and sell a Black Friday offer and made $6.5K in 7 days on a beta product! Gemma's an open book and always willing to share what she's also learning and working on in her business. I'm excited to continue to learn from her and grow my business with the tools and training, and alongside my Passive Project community!

I welcomed 29 students into my founding launch and grossed just under $10k.

In the Passive Project, I never feel like just another member. 

I welcomed 11 founding students into my new course, School of Personal Style, and made $4500 USD!

"There were so many things I never would have thought about if it weren't for Gemma."

mallory rowan, marketing expert

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