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I help entrepreneurs build successful online course businesses (hellooo, freedom!).

I’m a tell-it-like-it-is business strategist, known for zero fluff, clear strategies, and data over drama.

There isn’t a one-size fits all approach to growing a successful online business, but using online courses and digital products at the core of your business model can create an incredible level of freedom.

And that’s what I’m here for. Your business shouldn’t be your whole life – it should be the vehicle that helps create your dream life. And I’m going to help you build it.


not your average back story

So, how did I get here?

After getting my undergrad degree from Queen’s University (I’m from Ontario, Canada), I got my Master’s in Public Health from a fancy school in London, England. I thought I would change the world, working for global health non-profit organizations.

But when I got pregnant with my daughter a few years later, everything changed.

I knew the 9-5 life wasn’t for me, although I had worked for some amazing organizations.

I wanted to be home more, have the flexibility to design my days, make memories with my family, and have total freedom (probably my enneagram 3 or Aries coming through).

Sitting in my car, 9 months pregnant and ready to pop, I decided to re-write my story.

I already had started a creative side hustle for fun – a home decor blog. 

From there, I tried about 3,495 business ideas.  Working with brands, affiliate marketing, decorating weddings, interior decorating projects, hosting craft workshops, designing websites, selling handmade goods at craft fairs, starting an Etsy shop…

… but I finally nailed it when I launched my first online course for other bloggers. 

No, I didn’t become an overnight success with my first course.

But I did realize that my passion was in teaching, I loved digital marketing, and I could make real money doing this.

(my first launch brought in a few thousand bucks and it felt like I hit the jackpot!)

That course turned into another one, and after 3 years of working with bloggers, I pivoted into teaching entrepreneurs how to create and scale their own online courses. Despite working part-time while raising my kids, my revenue has consistently grown…


Then $250k/year.

$500k in 2020.

And $700k in 2021. 

Steady, sustainable growth with a small part-time team and a chill attitude toward business. 

(FYI, gross profit numbers don’t tell the full story and I hate clickbait, so for context, my profit margins shifted from 75% in the early years, down to about 50% in 2021 as I added team members and paid ads)

But it’s not actually all about the money.

It’s about creating a life on my terms. One where I get to do work I love, have time to hang with my kids, travel the world, give back to causes I care about, and pursue my other passions (I’m looking at you, real estate investing).

Getting to work with students and watch them make this happen for themselves is life-changing. 

From quitting their jobs, to funding full maternity leaves, to making a sweet side income, my students have done amazing things.

Over 8,000 entrepreneurs have purchased my programs and resources and we have incredible stories over on our Results page.

Are you ready to be the next success story?

you only get to do life once

Define what your version of success looks like and let’s go after it.


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Here are 15 things you probably don't know about me...

Wannabe HGTV Star

I’m a wannabe HGTV star. I could watch house decorating and real estate shows all day long. From small do-it-yourself projects that I documented on my original blog (see it here!) to huge renovations, I’ve done it all and loved every second.

Travel is my love language

I’m always planning my next 5 trips in AirBnB. Travelling as a family is our favourite thing and a big reason why I wanted to build an online business (hello, work from anywhere life!). I have travelled to over 35 countries… and counting!

got that aries fire

I’m obsessed with personality tests. I’m an Enneagram 3, INTJ, Aries and Manifesting Generator. Basically I’m a mix of fiery ambitious energy, but as an introvert. My daughter is a Leo, my hubs is a Pisces, and my son is an Aquarius – super chill dudes around some intense women.

Nutrition obsessed

Nutrition and health are important to me. I’m always working on improving my well-being, learning about the latest superfoods, and finding making time to exercise. I’ve dealt with some gut health stuff, so hit me up with microbiome research any day.

find me at the spa

I will do anything for a spa day. Nordic sauna and baths, a massage, a mani-pedi, I love it all. One of my part-time jobs during University was working as a receptionist at an upscale spa. I was in it for the free treatments!

Organization for days

Systems, funnels, and the back-end operations of online business come easily to me. I think it’s because I love organizing. I am obsessed with Home Edit and you can usually find me re-organizing a closet most weekends.

Dancing Queen

I love taking hip hop classes. I know every lyric to all the 90’s hip hop classics. I may look totally ridiculous, but adore every second. 

Pass Me the Hot Glue Gun

I have been crafty as long as I can remember. One of my first side hustles was selling art prints at local craft fairs (which later turned into my first Etsy shop!).

Fire in my belly

I launched my first online course while on maternity leave with my son, James. I have never been more motivated and ambitious. Moms with a dream are unstoppable. 

Bigger than business

I got my Masters degree in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I thought I would work my whole career in global maternal health initiatives. These days, I donate money to those causes I feel passionately about. Eventually, I’d like to have a formal charitable arm of my business.

passive income obsessed

I’ve been building passive income way before starting an online business. After watching episodes of “Income Property” in our early 20s, my husband and I bought our first fixer upper house and turned our basement into an apartment. We have since purchased 3 rental properties, have an investment portfolio, and are constantly thinking new streams of passive income.

life changing work

In my mid-20’s, I did a training program to become a volunteer doula. I had the opportunity to support 7 vulnerable women during their births. It was a magical thing to be a part of and made me even more excited to become a mom myself one day. I had midwives help me deliver my own babies and will always be grateful for their incredible care.

english roots

Even though I’m born and raised in Ottawa, Canada (where I still live) flying into Heathrow and getting into the English countryside strangely feels like home. Maybe it’s because both of my parents grew up in England… something in the genes!

my last name

Yes, I’m related to Helena Bonham-Carter. I know y’all are wondering, since the search query comes up in my Google Analytics report every month! She’s my Dad’s second cousin. Sadly though I don’t really have any acting skills.

tight knit

Although I’ve got 5 half-siblings who are all much older than me, I grew up more or less as an only child. It’s kinda complicated. But I am forever grateful for the super tight relationship I have with my parents.


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Favorite things

My tried and true faves

Want my go-to tools for growing an online course business? Here are my faves!

For List Building


My favourite email service provider that mixes affordability, good performance, and sophisticated automations and tagging. 

For online courses


I saw an immediate conversion increase when I switched to Thrivecart for my checkout pages! They now have their Learn Platform, so you can host your courses there too. All for a one-time payment!

For webinars


For live webinars and evergreen ones, I have used WebinarJam (and their sister software, EverWebinar) for years. It’s an easy to use platform with great features. 10/10 recommend!

For Graphics + Videos


What can’t you create in Canva? We use it for all of our graphics, slide decks, handouts, PDFs, launch promotions, and more. We would be lost without it!

For Great Audio

Blue Yeti Mic

I have recorded hundreds of podcasts, videos, and hosted coaching calls all using the Blue Yeti Microphone. An absolute must-have!

For Domains + hosting


Grab your domain name and get website hosting through Bluehost. Super easy to use and setup. It’s the best deal around!

For Quizzes


Want to create a quiz for your audience? These can be great to use as a lead magnet to grow your email list. Interact makes it easy!

for timers


Need to have an expiring promotion? DeadlineFunnel is the tool you can use to create timers for both live and evergreen campaigns.

For landing pages


If you want to get fancy with the landing pages you build, LeadPages is my fave. Their templates are high converting and easy to use!

Note: This page contains affiliate links. We only recommend the products that we love and have used ourselves.

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