Ep102: How Meg went from $0 to $250k/year with her online course business for food entrepreneurs

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I am really excited to share this story today.

In this interview, I’m sitting down with Meg Svec. 

Meg is the Co-Owner of Spilt Milk Pastry, a bakery in Chicago, and the Founder of Bakery Business Academy.

A few months after launching a small digital product, Meg came to work with me. I helped her re-position her offer, build out her product suite, improve her launching, come up with a lead generation strategy, and ultimately build out a thriving digital business.

As a mom to young kids and a busy bakery owner, Meg needed to create a business that could operate with her limited time – about 5 to 10 hours a week.

And I’m ridiculously pleased to share that within the first year of working together, Meg grew her online course side hustle business to a quarter million dollars in revenue.

Let’s roll the interview!

Click ‘play’ to listen:

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