Ep105: How Lizzie 13X’d her email list and launched her childbirth course

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Think online courses only work in the business to business or digital marketing industry?

Think again.

Lizzie Bolliger is a doula and childbirth educator who enrolled in my program Course Creator School.

She was already working with clients 1:1, had started to grow a following on Instagram, and knew that her next best step was to launch a group program.

And that’s exactly what she did, after taking my course.

Let me wow you with a few stats before we get into the interview. During the first 6 months after taking my program, Lizzie…

Grew her Email list from 66 to 850

Grew her IG audience from 9.2K to 14.1K

Launched her first course and made over $3300

Did a second flash sale and made over $7000

And is now growing at lightning speed 

This is a really great case study to learn from. Let’s dive into the interview.

Click ‘play’ to listen:

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