Ep136: Building a business around your lifestyle – Stacy Aguilar’s story

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Today, we’re chatting with one of our Passive Project Members: Stacy Aguila. 

Stacy is a lifestyle brand and website designer for educators, leaders, go-getters, and creative visionaries. She works with a lot of course creators, especially when it comes to program launch support and the brands and websites that support those businesses!

In this episode, she is sharing:

How The Passive Project was one of the first things she invested in as she started thinking more seriously about her business and how she has been able to build her business around her lifestyle.

Let’s dive in!

Let’s no forget some kind words she had to say about her experience inside of The Passive Project:

“Passive Project was a giant help for me when I was hosting and launching my membership in 2021. It was a safe and honest space to ask questions and debrief on results. Learn from past launches and get help on next steps. I loved how accessible Gemma was and how warm the community always is.

I’ve also made some great connections within the community and feel like the members inside of it are in the same phase of life and place in their business as me, which has been encouraging.

PP was one of the first things I invested in as I started thinking more seriously about my business. And Gemma was one of the first business coaches I started listening to. I really like to narrow who I’m getting advice from, and I always felt connected to Gemma’s style and the way PP was set up. It felt warm and approachable.

When I first started my business, I focused on creating a passive program right away. And I feel like it was fairly successful for a first run. I made around $10K, but more importantly, it helped me understand what I did and didn’t like when it came to my business. “

Want to learn more about The Passive Project? Check it out here!

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