Ep139: 2023 Mastermind – I’m finally doing it

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I’m putting together a mastermind (finally! for real!) in 2023. 

It started at xmas, when I was reflecting on how I wanted to work with clients at the highest level this year.

For a few years now, I’ve been taking on clients 1:1.

Typically we sign for a 3-month container (a $10k package) and meet bi-weekly during that time.

By working so closely together, we knock out incredible goals and move strategy along fast. Some of my client results include $40k+ launches, hitting a $250k/year, building out entire product suites, and creating evergreen systems for sales.

And then late last year, I decided to run a small-group “Evergreen Accelerator”.

It was a fast-paced 4 week program for about 20 entrepreneurs (investment was $2k), where we built out webinar-based evergreen funnels together. Similar to what I teach inside of Passive Project, but in an accelerated, live environment.

We met up each week over Zoom – with a lot of homework in between! It was intimate, strategic, and the clients executed FAST.

Like my 1:1 clients, I really loved getting to work at this deeper level, *but* I also saw the power of creating the small group connection. It was clear that the relationship part was a powerful component to the success of the group.  

So with the experience of both of those things, I knew I wanted to do a hybrid of 1:1 and small group programming in 2023.

As I got ready to launch Passive Project in January, I created a “Plus” tier to the program and slapped it on the sales page to start to gauge interest.

That one, tiny paragraph of my initial concept of this mastermind-type offer generated a handful of applications and DMs from dream-fit clients.

It’s clear that this was exactly what some of you were looking for.

The strategy I teach inside The Passive Project is incredibly high level and comprehensive, but there’s something to be said about working together 1:1 and getting that extra level of support and accountability in a small group.

And this is where the Accelerator Mastermind was born.

I’m opening up a few spots for this new small group program by invitation.

We’ve already secured 3 spots. 5 others have been accepted but are pending payment. So by the time you read this there might actually only be 4 spots left.

(the cap is 12 participants)

All the information about the mastermind can be found here.

If it sounds like the right fit, I’d love to chat and see if this is the next best move for your business.

How do you get your invitation?

Submit an application form here.

Have questions? Include them in your application form and we’ll get back to you with answers.

Don’t wait to reach out – we’re going to wrap up this enrollment soon. Kick off starts on Feb 27.

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