Episode 169 | Should you start a podcast?

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Buckle up, because this time we’re tackling the intriguing question: “Should you start a podcast?”

Gemma’s here to serve up some insightful analysis and relatable insights that’ll light your path.

Gemma’s also got the lowdown on the essential workflows that wannabe podcasters should have on their radar. From dreaming up content to nailing the production game, she’s your trusted navigator on the podcasting highway.

And here’s the cherry on top—Gemma’s spilling the tea on the magic of weaving podcasting and email marketing together. Imagine these two powerhouses working in harmony to turbocharge your reach and audience engagement. Gemma’s got the blueprint to create a dedicated following that hangs onto your every word.

So, if the question of starting a podcast has been on your mind, it’s time to hit that play button.

Click ‘play’ to listen:

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