Episode 182 | Live the Life You Want NOW [My Interview on the Fatigue Fixer]

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Imagine what your life could look like if you made the decision to take action on what you truly desire?
Whether you want to make a big move like changing countries, start a business, or simply have the time to sip a hot coffee alone quietly every morning – this episode is for you. Because although it’s a cliché, life really is short, and creating the life you want is going to fill you with the energy that comes from spending more time in your zone of genius and sharing your gifts with the world.

In this episode, we’re sharing an interview Gemma did on The Fatigue Fixer podcast hosted by Sarah Vadeboncoeur. Gemma shares what prompted her to leave her 9-5 job in public health to start an online business that’s now making 7 figures. She shares what gave her the confidence to move her family abroad and what lessons and habits she wants to bring back from her time in France (besides the delicious croissants!).

This is a great interview and we’re excited to share it here on The Course Creator Show. Thanks to the Fatigue Fixer podcast and the Story Studio Network!

Click ‘play’ to listen:

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