Episode 185 | All Your Money Questions Answered, with guest Mallory Rowan [Part 2]

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Welcome to a special episode of The Course Creator Show, where I’m joined by my friend and fellow online business owner, Mallory Rowan. Together we tackle some of the most pressing questions our audience has about money management, investments, setting financial goals, and more. We’re pulling back the curtain and having some honest conversations about money. 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The One Thing We’d Tell Our Younger Selves About Money: From the importance of starting investments early to seeking out financial education, hear what we’ve learned through missed opportunities and hindsight.
  • Setting Realistic Financial Goals: Learn strategies to map out your financial future without feeling overwhelmed. We share how breaking down your goals can lead to exciting, not daunting, financial planning.
  • Diversifying Your Investments: We delve into how we spread our investments across real estate, stocks, bonds, and more to ensure a balanced and robust portfolio. Discover our approach to risk, reward, and everything in between.
  • Growth and Change in Our Money Mindset: Hear how our relationship with money evolved as our businesses grew. From taking bigger risks to learning to trust in the power of financial tools, we share our journey towards a more abundant mindset.
  • Beginner-Friendly Investment Options: Just starting to build your portfolio? We’ve got you covered with beginner-friendly advice and why attending Personal Finance Unlocked could be your next best move.

Special Announcement:

Don’t miss your chance to dive even deeper into mastering your personal finance by securing your ticket to our upcoming event, Personal Finance Unlocked. It’s more than just a summit – it’s your gateway to financial empowerment and a community ready to support your growth.

Details and tickets available here.

Thank you for tuning in!

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