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Create and launch your profitable online course or group program — even if you don't have a big audience yet, are kiiiinda scared of tech, or don't think of yourself as an industry expert.

Creating an online course is the fastest way to stop trading your time for dollars

Whether you’ve recently started your online business or you're an established personal brand entrepreneur, you already know that a 1-to-many product like a course or group coaching program is the key to making a bigger splash and earning more of that sweet money, honey!


Let’s call 1-on-1 client or coaching work what it is: hard.

Rewarding, yes! But, still—hard.

Your calendar is maxed and every Monday you cringe to see how many calls you have that week. You're craving the creative whitepsace of a clear calendar. Showing up to a group coaching call once a month sounds waaaaay better than what your schedule looks like now.

You want more time in your day so you can close your laptop earlier, hang with your kids at the park without checking your phone, or be able to take a trip without work stress. You're ambitious AF, but also want to live your life outside your business.

You loveee seeing your clients score big wins, and you want to help even more people—but without building a giant team and agency. You know the online course business model is a better (more chill) fit for you to scale your revenue.

And if you’re reeeally honest with yourself (and me), you know that launching an online course or group program could solve all those problems. And then some.

So, what’s the hold up?

You’ve got enough questions to fill an Amazon warehouse… and no one to help you answer them.

What course topic is profitable in my niche?

What tech do I need to film my course and set it up?

What if I have a smaller audience?

How do I make consistent sales after my initial launch?

What if I do ALL that work creating it and no one buys?

But the worst part? Dr. Google, good ole’ YouTube, and those free blogs full of affiliate links don’t really help. No matter how many glasses of boxed wine you drink.

Week after week, you’re left exactly where you started. Stretched thin as a sheet of printer paper, mapping out your course idea one more time, playing around in Canva, wondering if you’ll ever be able to create and launch a course like everyone else out there.

Let’s put a pin in the doubts holding
you back

After years of selling online courses, here is what I know to be true…

You don’t need a huge audience to be successful. I hit 6-figures in online course income when I had around 1,500 followers on Instagram.

Students of mine have done $3k, $5k and $10k founding launches with 200 email subscribers.

This idea that you need to be famous on social media in order to make money with courses is a myth. A small, engaged audience is worth twice what a big, meaningless following is. As long as you have an email list of 200, you're golden.

Big doubt #1:

Okay, this one’s gotta go! It’s straight up not true. You don’t need complicated tech, a big team, or money to hire copywriters and graphic designers.

Sure, those things are nice—and you may want them eventually—but you don’t need them to launch a profitable course. You can create a successful course and get real results for your students with a simple and lean business model.

I still run my 7-figure business today with a tiny team of part-time contractors. Simplicity (and profitability!) is my jam.

Big doubt #2:

Let’s flip the script here.

What if I told you it’s actually a good thing seeing others successfully selling courses in your niche? Because it is. It proves there’s market demand for your idea.

The special sauce is in how you differentiate yourself from the others in your industry. You'll do this by developing your unique selling proposition and leaning into YOU —your personality, life experiences, and those oh-so-special quirks only you've got.

We've got to pull those things out of you so you can come to the market with a fresh take to solve your audience's problem.

Big doubt #3:


Finally create, launch and fill the founding round of your online course.

You would be growing a business that’s actually supporting the kind of life where you feel good about working less

You would have students messaging you with their incredible wins after taking your course, wanting to keep working with you

You would be able to earn $5k, $10k, or more from that first launch, knowing that you can rinse + repeat with bigger launches down the road

— Janita  |  Niche: photography

I launched my course yesterday!! I was hoping to keep the cart open 1 week and to get 10 founding students...I got 13 students right from my live masterclass!!! A $10,000+ launch!

Gemma Bonham-Carter you are AMAZING at what you do and thank you for making it such an easy to follow course that anyone can do it (and start making passive income!)

“A $10,000 launch! I had to close the doors early because I only wanted 15 students to go through the founding round with!”

— Katie  |  Niche: Website design/Showit

I knew that I wanted to launch a course for a while, but I kept feeling overwhelmed. I needed someone to show me step by step what to do and hold me accountable.

If I hadn't worked with Gemma, I still don't think my course would be launched. Making over $30,000 in profit was so validating. I love helping my students and the impact this program is making. 

If you're thinking of launching a course, just DO THE THING!

“I welcomed 40 founding students in my first course and made over $30,000 in PROFIT.”

— Laura  |  Niche: Microgreens

 I am a Microgreens farmer and I created a course teaching others how to start their own Microgreens business. My course is called “Make Money with Microgreens”.

I welcomed 29 students into my founding launch. I grossed just under $10k. I'm pretty stoked. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback! 

Thanks for all your help inside of Course Creator School. 

“I welcomed 29 students and grossed just under $10,000 into my course for Microgreens farmers!”

— Sarah  |  Niche: personal finance

My goal was to validate my idea of a personal finance course by enrolling 5 students and making $1500. I gave myself 72 hours to plow through Course Creator School, map out my course offer, and prep my launch.

I put my course out there and enrolled 55 students and made over $15,000! The success blew me away... I literally felt nauseous!  

There's no way I would have generated these results without following the curriculum in CCS. Thanks, Gemma!

“55 students and $15,000 in profit with my first low-key launch of my personal finance course!”

— Dani  |  Niche: Copywriting

It has provided me with a brand new income stream for my copywriting business and Gemma's course really showed me how to pull all of that information out of my brain and put it on paper.

Gemma is the real deal.

“I took CCS to help me create and launch my signature program, Sales Page Prep School. I have launched it twice now and have generated about $30k from it! ”

— Kate  |  Niche: Dog training

I just closed the cart on my first launch! Phew!!! 

I can’t believe I sold 13 spots!!! Over £3000 launch. I only had an email list of 300 and 120 Facebook followers! 

I couldn’t have done it without this amazing course! Thank you Gemma! 

“My first launch of my Separation Anxiety for Dogs course and I sold 13 spots (with only 300 subscribers on my email list)!!”

— Kristin  |  Niche: womb medicine

By learning how to do a strategic launch, I was able to grow her email list, gained over 1000 IG followers, and made over $4k with the launches of my courses on womb medicine and fertility. 

Since those first launches, I did a collaboration and we had a $120k+ launch for an online school! I personally made around $43k. It's been so exciting for my business and changed so much. Thank you so much.

“I personally made $43k. It has been so exciting.”

But wait, have we officially met?

Hi, I’m Gemma Bonham-Carter

Canadian Mom of two, world-traveller (currently living for a year in Provence, France!), real estate investor, and a shameless Real Housewives fanatic.

And as an Online Business Strategist for ambitious entrepreneurs, I’m here to simplify the shit out of creating and launching your online course.

Because, on a real note, since January 1st 2020, I've had NO $0 days in my business.

In fact, I've done over 6-figures in online course sales steadily since 2017.

When I was working my 9-5 in public health, I was sitting in traffic sweating in the sticky summer heat on my way home from work at 8 months pregnant…

... and I felt the desperate need to create more freedom in my life. I couldn't imagine having my daughter and then going back to my office job. A fire was lit inside me and I knew I was going to figure this online business thing out.

I had been blogging as a side hustle for a few years and so decided to launch my first course about blogging in 2017. I made $13k from that course in my first year. It wasn’t much, but I was stoked—and hooked.

After testing and tweaking my process, and seeing real results, I grew my course sales to $130k the following year.

From there, I just kept going. To $250k/year, to $500k/year, and then to 7-figures a year. 

All thanks to online courses.

Sometimes when I’m hanging by the pool watching my daughter do cannonballs into the deep end after school, I stop and think:

THIS is what I was after all those years ago when I decided not to go back to my Public Health career after my maternity leave.

Getting to be more present at home, have chill work days doing something I love, and creating financial security was always the dream.

I share all of that not to toss a typical rags-to-riches story your way and sell you an Insta Million Dollar Business in a Bottle™ formula (…run the other way if anyone does!)

But to show you what’s possible, and why I’m so obsessed with digital courses.

And to highlight why—after over 6 years in the digital marketing world and helping thousands of business owners launch their courses—I’m more dedicated than ever to helping YOU reclaim your time, have more freedom, and make a big, big impact in the world.

Cause, if you know me, you know I won’t settle for a middle-of-the-road promise.

I’m dedicated not only to helping you add a course to your business…

But to helping you create, launch, and sell that course on repeat so you’re business (and life) can look dramatically different a lot sooner than you think.

Enter: Course Creator School & the S.O.L.D. Method —

(Told you I’m not into mediocre.)

Love, Gemma

Aka the exact framework + plug-and-play tools + expert support to take you from burnt-out business owner to queen of your 1-to-many offer.

No more Googling.

No more watching everyone else launch and build the lifestyle business you want for yourself.

No more analysis paralysis.

Just a proven system, customizable tools, and all the course creator knowledge that’s in my marketing and funnels-obsessed brain.

If you’re with me, now’s the time to get excited because it’s about to be ALL yours.

as seen in

A complete, step-by-step program that teaches you how to create, launch, and sell your online course on repeat so you can earn more money, have more freedom, and grow a business you're proud of.

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Welcome to




Unlock the blueprint to digital entrepreneurs in the Foundation Module. This isn't just a boring welcome video - it's your golden ticket to understanding and mastering the art of the online course world.

Once you lay a strong foundation, the big blue sky (with a lake boat under it) is the limit.

Things like…

Module One

  • Entrepreneur Mindset: We dive into the brains of successful entrepreneurs. You'll snag the secrets, the mindset, and the unstoppable drive.
  • Profitable Niche: Learn the streamlined process to narrowing down topics and focusing on your niche effortlessly
  • Course Lifecycle: We pull back the curtain on the life of a course, from initial creation to 7-fig business
  • $10k Gameplan: Get the keys to unlock consistent 5-figure hits, making your financial goals a reality 

By the end of module one you'll walk away with:

The mindset of a successful course creator and your profitable course idea

Sketch Your Course

You've got a killer idea, but now it's time to transform that vision into a strategic blueprint tailored to your ideal students.

In this module, we're not just scratching the surface; we're deep diving to sketch a course that's engineered to sell.

You'll differentiate your course to make sure it comes in HOT to the marketplace and stands out from the competition. 

Module Two

  • Discover proven strategies to identify and understand your perfect-fit audience and their pain points
  • Learn to stand out and dominate even in saturated markets with unique positioning
  • Transformation Unlocked: Deploy the Transformation Technique to create a course that’s not just informative but transformative
  • Create your own "Signature Framework" that will become the foundation of your course curriculum
  • Map Method: Every module and every lesson sketched to perfection, ready to create an unforgettable experience for your students

By the end of module two you'll walk away with:

Your course blueprint and leads filling your waitlist

Offer That Sells

Time to step into the marketing arena. This is the module where you will turn your course blueprint into a magnetic offer.

You'll package up your course into no-brainer YES! for your perfect-fit students.

Module Three

  • Uncover the secrets to enhancing course value that makes your program a no-brainer for students
  • Learn pricing strategies and sales triggers to make your course a must-buy
  • Discover how to craft a name that sells - it's your course's first "handshake" with the world
  • We're peeling back the curtains to unveil the secrets of a Bonus Stack that silences objections and amplifies your program's value
  • Easily create your sizzling sales page, that will look like you have a team of copywriters and designers at your beck and call 

By the end of module three you'll walk away with:

A magnetic offer and the sales page to match


Next, you’ll pre-sell your course to validate it before you spend any time creating the content. Yes - you’ll sell your course to your a group of founding students before you even create it!

This way, you’re 110% sure your course will be a bonafide success without wasting a drop of your time. (Buh-bye Imposter Syndrome & hellooo cash injection!)

Module Four

  • Master proven marketing strategies to ensure your course reaches and attracts your target audience
  • Pre-Sale Magic: Unlock the art of a lean launch to sell your course to your first round of students
  • Simplify your launch with step-by-step technical walkthroughs and support
  • Toolkit Access: Gets your hands on the Live Launch Calendar, Playbook, Data Tracker, and a suite of tools that turn launch overwhelm into simplicity
  • Insider launch tricks to rinse + repeat your launches, making them bigger (and easier!) every time

By the end of module two you'll walk away with:

A group of founding students inside your new course (and cash in the bank!)


Now, with your founding students, you'll deliver an unforgettable course experience that gets your students real results.

You’ll learn how to deliver a results-focused experience so you can turn your students into your biggest fans & collect those oh-so-juicy testimonials that’ll help sell your course on repeat.

The best part? Now you have a completely built out program you can sell over + over again. 

Module Five

  • Elevate the Experience: Master the art of creating irresistible course content that captivates, engages, and transforms your students
  • Content that Converts: Dive deep into creating high value course content, insightful lessons, and downloadables that students will love to binge on
  • Tech Mastery: Gain confidence by seamlessly setting up your course tech without a hitch
  • Discover the art of collecting raving testimonials, without any awkward asks 

By the end of module five you'll walk away with:

Your high value course completely built and the glowing testimonials to prove it

And you’ll be supported every step of the way with student-favorite features like...

Got questions along the way? (Of course you do!). That's where our elite coaching team comes in.

Think of our weekly Q&A office hours as your go-to spot for getting the clarity you need to keep moving forward. Jump into the group, ask your question, and get feedback in real time.

We also have monthly coaching, where Gemma answers YOUR questions. Each month, she provides latest trends or updates from the online course industry, followed by her hot takes on your questions. These are released on the first week of each month for the community. 

Weekly Office Hours & Monthly Coaching

Value: $2000/year

Inside the CCS Facebook group, you’ll connect with other course creators, get feedback on your ideas and work, and stay accountable.

You know those Facebook Groups that get crickets? The ones that you almost feel weird to post in because it's a ghost town? Yeah, that's the literal opposite of the CCS group. The CCS FB Group is an engaged and chatty place to be. If you want to join a hive-mind of other course creators, this is IT.

You’ll have lifetime access to this vibrant CCS community. Use this community and the coaching team as you need it!

Private Facebook

Value: $1500/year

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Support and Feedback provided by Founder Gemma Bonham-Carter and Lead Coach, Chelsea Wallace.

Chelsea Wallace is a Launch Strategist and Copywriter who has worked alongside Gemma since 2021.

Course Creator School students
celebrate BIG wins.

— Mallory  |  Niche: marketing

With Gemma's guidance, I created a 3-part workshop series to validate my course idea. Those workshops brought in $16K in revenue and positioned me as an expert for my audience. 

Then I created and launched my first course - Sell on Social - and made $70k (no ad spend).

I was putting so much pressure on myself to pick the right course idea and Gemma just made me go for it. It feels so good to get those sales notifications coming in. Best investment ever!

“$70K from the first launch of my new course, Sell on Social.”

— Jess  |  Niche: freelancing

I just wrapped up my launch for my first program and I got 6 founding students (with my tiny email list of 50)! In total, this founding round is bringing in $6482!

My sales page converted at 3%, my Insta account engagement shot WAY up, and I have so many ideas and validation for my funnel, my workshop, and future products. I stayed true to my values & didn't use any bro-marketing or sleazy messaging, so I just feel so good about the entire process.

Thank you Gemma for CCS — I would never have been able to get this program, which is truly a piece of my heart, out into the world without it. I'm so excited to see where I can go from here!

“A $6482 launch and I stayed true to my values”

— Meg  |  Niche: food entreoreneurship

With Gemma's guidance, I re-worked a course that I had tried out before, making it a much better offer. I launched this new-and-improved $497 version for the first time, welcomed 31 students, and made $14K! Oh, and did I mention I don't use Instagram?

I set a goal to make $50k in 2021 and ended up making $250k!

I appreciate Gemma's clear cut strategy and keeping my efforts focused on ROI producing activities.

“I totally re-did my course for Food Entrepreneurs using Gemma’s strategies and made $14K on the first launch!”

— Lucy  |  Niche: makeup artistry

I couldn’t believe the amount and depth of knowledge that Gemma has! She blew my mind with the possibilities of how I could market my course and level it up. It was never overwhelming, but exciting and inspiring! It was worth every penny I spent. She is an incredible mentor.

I also loved how she was able to take her knowledge and tweak each element to make it work for my niche, my course and my students, to create a unique course and buyer experience that I’m proud of and feel is a true reflection of who I am and my values. Working with Gemma genuinely changed my business and as a result, my life!

I made over $5000 on my first proper launch. I can't wait to do it again!

“Working with Gemma genuinely changed my business!”

— Courtney  |  Niche: teaching ESL

I’ve been in CCS for about a year and Gemma’s coaching has helped me grow from nothing to something that feels legit!

Starting from scratch, my first launch got 10 students. The second time, I enrolled 16. And my third launch blew it away and hit 50 new students! In total, I've made $12k from this course already. 

Starting my course has helped me gain a lot of visibility, start an online community of teachers, and feel truly fulfilled in contributing to the educational community. I've been invited to speak at conferences, do additional professional development, and join a team of educational consultants!

“I'm now being invited to speak at conferences!”

— Catalina  |  Niche: photobooth expert

I finally launched! My course is a masterclass on all the technical things around the photo booth industry. I binged the videos in Course Creator School and actioned along the way.

I just completed my webinar and pre launch. I got 124 signed up for my webinar, 64 showed and 51 stayed the ENTIRE HOUR. What???

I ended the webinar and hit 6 sales at $1,497 USD. I'm shook. After 48 more hours, I closed cart and we had 31 founding members, for a total of $45,900 USD.

Thanks Gemma for this course!

“I ended the webinar and hit 6 sales at $1,497 USD. I'm shook.”

— Numba  |  Niche: personal style

Ended up at £3267 ($4500USD)!! That's 11 students at £297. With an email list of 200 and only 40 people attend the webinar, I was really pleased!

It definitely feels like the start of something amazing. So glad I found you. The value you offer is outstanding. Love the structure of your course and how you make everything as simple as possible! 

Thanks for being an amazing coach.

“I welcomed 11 students into the first round of my new course, School of Personal Style!”

Creating your course shouldn’t take forever

So we’re gifting you:

The Template
Tuck Shop

Forget starting from scratch and instead use the plug-and-play assets you get inside of Course Creator School - a template for every step of the process. 

$497 value

Powerhouse Launch Sequence

It’s no secret. At the heart of every successful launch are incredible emails.

I’m handing over 30+ pages of proven, pre-written, plug-and-play emails that command attention and convert.

From pre-launch intrigue to the final close, these aren't just emails - they're your ticket to a sold out launch.

These emails alone are worth the price tag of CCS. 

$497 value

The Course Collection:
Canva Templates

Build your premium course effortlessly with our elite Canva Templates.

Slide decks, workbooks, graphics - all tailored for easy customization and everything you need to create beautiful course content and downloadables for your students.

The Course Collection includes:
✓ Course workbook templates
✓ Course Lesson slide deck templates
✓ Video lesson thumbnails
✓ Course checklists

(No graphic design skills necessary!)

$497 value

The Launch Kit:
Canva Templates

Meet your secret weapon for a magnetic launch. The Launch Collection has everything—and I do mean *everything*—you need to create a buzz worthy debut.

Every template is a masterpiece of conversion-focused design, ready to be customized with your brand's touch. Your epic launch is just a click away. Ready to make some noise? 

100+ assets including:
✓ Lead magnet templates
✓ Instagram post templates
✓ Instagram Stories "Launch Deck"
✓ Email marketing graphics pack
✓ Product mock-up graphics
✓ ... and more!

Guaranteed to create a "I can't believe this is her first launch" kind of vibe.

$97 value

Sales Pages That Convert

Worried about writing your sales page?

In this bonus guidebook, I’m handing over my own writing guide that breaks the process down, section by section.

Words sell. Let’s make yours count.

$397 value

Webinars That Work

A high-converting webinar is a priceless sales asset because it warms your audience up, teaches them something valuable, and sells them on your course.

It can be a huge game changer in any launch.

But, as a newbie, webinars can be intimidating AF.

That’s why we're handing over Webinars That Work, which includes:
✓ Webinar Slide Deck (Canva Template)
✓ Complete Webinar Outline + Script,
✓ Top tips to create a high converting webinar that turns viewers into buyers

So what about ChatGPT?

A.I. Powered Course Creation - Fast Track Your Success with our Custom Prompts

We're not just ahead of the curve; we're redefining it.

Welcome to the future of course creation, where artificial intelligence isn't a "nice to have" - it's your secret weapon to creating magnetic content at warp speed.

As soon as ChatGPT came out, we knew this would be a game changer in helping you create and launch your course. We've seamlessly integrated these tech advances into the curriculum, making the creation and development of your online course easier and faster than ever.

No more staring at a blank screen. No more drowning in content chaos.

With our custom ChatGPT prompts, you're equipped with an intelligent way of churning out rich, engaging, and value-packed copy and content to make your course come to life faster than ever.

It's not about using ChatGPT to create the course for you. The ideas and approach are unique to you. However, you can use these tools in a smart way to help you bring your ideas to life, understand your target audience, adn write high-converting marketing copy like never before.

If you're not using AI, your competitors will be. Learn how to master the game inside CCS.

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Get ready to start the car.

Loooooooove a good Bonus Stack?

After nearly 1000 students in CCS, I've seen where the obstacles or stumbling blocks happen. So I built out an extra bank of bonuses to help you get over the hump, so your course can get out into the world. 

Yeah, me too.

the bonuses

$697 value

Unlock Explosive Email Growth - on the house!

Enroll in Course Creator School, and BOOM - snag my renowned list-building mastery course, Build Your List Bootcamp, at zero cost.

(it's a $697 value - no joke).

Whether you're starting your email list from scratch or scaling it up, BYLB teaches you strategies that will accelerate your list growth with eager-to-buy subscribers.

Learn the strategies to get in front of your ideal audience—fast and for free.

The verdict is unanimous - students continue to rave about BYLB and say that it alone is worth the ticket into Course Creator School. Ready to ignite your list? Here's your chance. 

$497 value

Say Goodbye to Tech Headaches

Worried about tech hurdles in your course creation journey? Consider them obliterated. Welcome to the Tech Vault - your ultimate arsenal of 50+ step by step tutorials, ready to transform you into a tech wizard.

No more overwhelm. No more meltdowns. With this vault, you'll get tutorials that will guide you every step of the way.

Platforms included:
✓ Thrivecart / Learn (our recommended course platform and checkout software)
✓ Alternatives like Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, Teachery
✓ Convertkit and Flodesk for email
✓ Quicktime, Vimeo, Zoom, Loom and more
✓ Canva

$97 value

Anatomy of a $100k Live Launch - Revealed!

Peel back the curtain on a real $100k launch. No fluff, no filler, just the raw play-by-play.

Every move, every number, every email - it's all laid out for you to devour and dissect.

The best part? This was done with almost zero ad spend and a small part-time team of two.

Ready to decode the DNA of a six-figure launch? The keys are here and yours for the taking. 

with Mallory Rowan

Master the ‘Gram and Magnetize Your Ideal Students

Dive into a goldmine of strategies with Instagram expert, Mallory Rowan, as she unveils the art of harnessing Instagram to not just attract, but magnetize your perfect-fit students.

Witness Mallory's elite playbook of attracting and nurturing leads, where authenticity reigns supreme.

Download Mallory’s DM Sales Script, your secret sauce to transform casual DM convos into sales-generating powerplays.

Ready to level up your Instagram and turn followers into customers? It's all here - with Mallory.

With Chelsea Wallace

Redefining the Launch Game - without burnout

Step inside the launch strategies that have powered the top course creators, unveiled by the mastermind strategist herself, Chelsea Wallace.

Ever felt the exhausting aftermath of a live launch?

Chelsea’s seen it too, and she's flipping the script.

Dive into a revolutionary 3-part mini-series where Chelsea pulls back the curtain on Synergy Launches - an innovation destined to turn your launches from grueling sprints into lush, energizing marathons.

No more burnout. Only the intoxicating rush of a launch that’s as fulfilling as it is profitable.

Ready to transform your launch experience from draining to downright exhilarating? The revolution starts here.

With Marisa Corcoran

Words that Win - Email Mastery with Marisa

Let's face it, crafting emails that captivate and convert can feel like a steep climb. But what if it didn't have to be?

Meet Marisa Corcoran, the legend who turns words into gold.

With a touch of her copywriting magic, emails become captivating, entertaining, and compelling stories that build unshakeable bonds.

In this elite workbook, Marisa is sharing some of her best email-writing secrets and her onboarding sequence. Create your own welcome sequence with Marisa's guidance, so that your audience is hooked from the first line, building that invaluable know, like, and trust factor.

Your email writing game just got GOOD. 

With Dani Page

Attracting Perfect-Fit Students with Your Website

Your website isn't just a URL - it's your first impression, and the magnet that pulls perfect-fit students into your world.

And if it's not, well, you're leaving money on the table.

Enter Dani Paige - the copywriting wizard who is about to transform your website into a conversion machine.

Imagine your main website pages, not as bland digital real estate, but as personality-packed pages that communicate who you are and what you offer.

Dani breaks it all down, offering plug-and-play templates that will transform your website in a flash.

Whether you use this bonus now, or tuck it into your back pocket for later, this is your secret weapon to turn curious clicks into diehard fans. 

With Amanda Genther

Unlocking the Secrets to a Stand-Out Sales Page

Course creators, it's time to amplify your conversions to a whole new octave. Meet Amanda Genther, the brains behind Launch In Style, the sales page template shop trusted by the industry giants.

Now, she's spilling the beans.

In an exclusive Guest Masterclass, Amanda unveils the architectural blueprints to construct a sales page that converts. Discover the key sections, the strategic placements, and the secret sauces to skyrocket that conversion rate.

It's not just a class; it's your golden ticket to a sales page that turns visitors into students while you sleep.

With Kaitlyn Kessler

Rise Above the Noise: Silence Imposter Syndrome For Good!

We've all been there – that gnawing doubt, that nagging voice whispering, "who do you think you are?".

Imposter syndrome isn't just real, it's a ruthless barrier stopping us from unleashing our full potential.

Enter: Kaitlyn Kessler, your new ally in crushing those doubts and stepping into your power. In her exclusive series, Imposter to Impact, Kaitlyn's not just serving tips, she's delivering transformation.

Discover the keys to cultivating unshakeable confidence, even when that imposter gremlin tries to convince you you're a "fraud".

As a CCS student, this confidence-boosting gold is yours, on the house. 

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But right now, you get everything for

Only $997

With the curriculum, coaching, and bonuses, the total value of this program is well over $7,000 (in true, non-inflated prices)

Payment Options

Split pay

6 Payments of


Chose this accessible payment plan option and receive lifetime access to:
  • Complete Curriculum

  • Weekly Q&A Office Hours

  • Monthly Coaching Calls

  • Student Community

  • Email Templates

  • Canva Templates: The Course Collection

  • Canva Template: The Launch Collection

  • Webinars That Work

  • Sales Pages That Convert

  • Build Your List Bootcamp

  • Tech Tutorials

  • $100k Live Launch Debrief

  • Guest Masterclass Series

  • Save $185

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  • Email Templates

  • Canva Templates: The Course Collection

  • Canva Template: The Launch Collection

  • Webinars That Work

  • Sales Pages That Convert

  • Build Your List Bootcamp

  • Tech Tutorials

  • $100k Live Launch Debrief

  • Guest Masterclass Series

  • Save $185!

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...Plus receive a:
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Gemma will send back personalized feedback and suggested changes to optimize your offer to ensure a successful launch!

This must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase.

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Your Investment, Backed by Our 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee


When you join Course Creator School, you’re welcomed into a space that’s got everything you need to create your digital course, launch it, and sell it on repeat. And the best part?

This is a proven system. Hundreds of students have used the tools in CCS to build and launch courses—it’s happening right now!

But, even though I know this course is so valuable, you deserve the chance to join risk-free to see if it’s for you. If you don’t think it’s every bit as awesome as I’ve promised, simply request a refund within 7 days of purchase, and you’ll be refunded in full.

There are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove, and I won’t question you. I won’t even ask for all of your newly gained biz insight and strategy back ;)

*But don’t be that person who joins, downloads all the material, checks out every lesson, and then asks for their money back. We can see that on our course platform, and it’s just bad karma.


money back guarantee

Here’s How It Works:

As soon as you enroll, you’ll be sent a welcome email with your username and password to access Course Creator School.

Then, everything is yours & you can get started right away!

You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group where you’ll meet me, my Lead Coach Chelsea Wallace, and get to shmooze with all of your fellow course creators who will welcome you into the community (FYI, our gif game is strong).

From there, you'll get started with the Foundations Module, access our weekly Q&A for support, and start to get our coaching series delivered to your inbox!

So, what happens next?

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The hype is real...

I’m so busy. How long is the time commitment until I see results?

OK I get this, big time. I have two young kids, this business, a growing real estate business, and a ton of passion projects! So, you can believe me when I say… I understand. But when it comes to your business, what if you DIDN’T have to wear that busy badge? What if you had an online course business where you weren’t trading time for dollars anymore?

Because that is what being a Course Creator is all about. You don’t have to hustle and grind for success. If you build and scale your business with focus, simplicity and clarity, it can actually give you so much time back in your day (and life)… to spend on the things that truly matter. So, yes! You are busy. But Course Creator School is your ticket out of that constant busy-ness.

I don’t know exactly what my course topic is yet. Should I still join?

Yes! It's ideal if you've already created a business around a niche and worked with clients 1:1 before launching a course.

But, one of the things you’ll do FIRST inside Course Creator School is hone in on the problem you can solve for people, identify your Zone of Genius, and do market research (with lots of tools to make it easy!) to validate your ideas before settling on one.

So don’t stress. This program is designed to help you refine your topic AND make sure it’s profitable before you start creating your course.


Is this a live or recorded course?

It’s both! The course content itself is recorded so you can learn at your own pace. You’ll get instant access to all the course material, workbooks, tools, templates, and bonuses too!

But true learning doesn’t take place in a vacuum. That's why you get access to our private Facebook group for weekly Q&A and monthly calls. Think of those like mini-coaching sessions where you get your questions answered! You can also use the group for feedback or to troubleshoot your ideas with your fellow course creators.

What happens once I enroll?

As soon as you enroll, you’ll be sent a welcome email with your username and password to access Course Creator School. Then, everything is yours & you can get started right away! And you’ll be invited to join the Facebook group where you'll find weekly Q&A support and start getting our monthly coaching calls delivered to your inbox.

What if I don’t have a big audience?

It’s true: Having an audience is essential for selling an online course. BUT—if you don’t have an audience yet, don’t sweat it. You’ll learn how to build one inside CCS.

If you’re starting from scratch, I recommend joining CCS and starting with the Build Your List Bootcamp bonus course to grow your audience to about 200 engaged subscribers. Once students achieve that minimum, they can typically make anywhere from $3k to $15k launching their course.

The key is to get started and keep growing your audience as you go. And remember, it’s less about the numbers and more about the quality of your audience and how engaged they are.

I don’t feel like an industry expert yet. Is it too early for me to create a course?

Heck no, it’s not too early for you to create a course. You’ll probably hear me say this again and again, but it’s true: You do NOT have to be an industry guru or a bonafide subject-matter expert to create a course and get your students results. If you’ve gotten results for yourself or your 1:1 clients, chances are you have enough know-how to get results for your course students.

And, the truth is, the people who are 15 steps ahead don’t make great teachers anyway. Those who are 2 to 3 steps ahead are MUCH more relatable and can put themselves in their students’ shoes. Which is why my award-winning chemist mother could never help me with my high school Chem 101 homework. She was too far away from the foundations!

Besides – your story, your unique framework, and your dedication to making an impact all help make your offer unique & oh-so valuable to your students.

I’m nervous about the tech. Do you help with that?

Absolutely! Search "how to launch an online course" on Google and you'll come away with 3928 different software companies trying to sell you on their solution. Tech can feel overwhelming, so we've put together a tutorial library that walks you through every step of the way (including our preferred budget-friendly software for building your course!). 

Is there a refund policy?

Absolutely! Course Creator School comes with a 7-day 100% money-back guarantee, which means you can join risk-free, take a poke around, and get a full refund if the space isn’t for you.

That being said, puh-lease don’t be that person who joins, downloads the stuff, and asks for their money back. I’ve yet to see that strategy work. Plus, it’s bad karma, k?

Other Programs:

LOADED with Practical Examples & Plug-n-Play Templates so you can grab a Google Doc or customize a template to see results—fast

Teaches You How to Craft an Irresistible Offer (not just a set of video modules) which makes ALL the difference to your launch success

Course Creator School:

Include Theory-Based Content that focuses on WHAT to do but fall shy of giving you practical tools to *actually* do it

Offer Little or No Support when you encounter a stumbling block or need a set of eyes on your launch plan

Rely only on Outside Coaches or Assistants to answer your questions, so you never get to connect with the actual course Founder.

Have Limited-Time Access to course content and community—which means after a few months, you’re on your own

Assumes you already have a big audience built, so doesn't provide any list-building support (or you have to buy a separate course for that)

Include Complicated Guarantees that require you to submit your coursework or hop on a call to get your money back. *Eyeroll*

Has You Pre-Sell Your Course so you don’t waste your time creating a course that isn’t properly validated. Not on my watch.

Weekly Q&A and Coaching so you can ask all your questions and get ongoing support for your specific obstacles

Gives Students Lifetime Access—to the course material, the community, AND full access to all future updates for free

Protects You with a Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee (no sleazy stuff here!)

And in case you’re wondering how Course Creator School stacks up to those other programs out there...

Let’s get started

I'd love to see you on our next coaching call!

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Still here? oh good!

I made you a little something...

Course Creator School is a hot match for you, if...

You’re a coach, content creator, or service provider who wants to add a scalable stream of income to your biz

You’re looking for a proven method to take the guesswork out of creating and launching an online course

You want a business that builds more flexibility and freedom into your life

You’re cool with building a personal brand and getting visible

You are a go-getter who is willing to show up, do the work, and push yourself a bit outside your comfort zone

You could convey all your feelings with Schitt's Creek GIFs (and you cried like a baby when David and Patrick got married)

You believe that all humans deserve to be treated equally and agree to be a part of our inclusive community where everyone is respected

This isn’t the course for you, if...

You’re looking for an easy way to make a quick buck—this ain’t easy, and it ain’t gonna happen overnight (But it is SO doable if you’re willing to commit to doing the work!)

You don’t want to teach students, be a trusted mentor, or you're not willing to get visible online to market your course or grow your audience

You’re not willing to make the time to learn, practice, and implement the program material

980+ Happy Students since 2020...

— Meghan  |  Niche: Wellness

Just closed the cart on my course, Radical Rest Rhythms!!! I ended up with 23 sales and bringing in over $5000 in the bank (not including future payments from payment plans). 

I’m a little in shock as my stretch goal had been 11 people and my list is only 200! So excited with how well my course idea has been received and just so grateful for Gemma, Course Creator School, and all the support in this community!

“I ended up with 23 sales and bringing in over $5000 in the bank”

— Katy  |  Niche: online business

"I followed all of Gemma's steps and used her email templates, ran a live webinar, showed up on instagram stories and warmed up of my audience just giving them value. 

I made 3k! I had two people buy it before I even officially launched. 

It feels amazing to have made some money doing something so fun, that I literally put together during my daughters naps. I have gotten a ton of positive feedback about the course so far and now I have the bug and I'm ready to rinse and repeat."

Katy made 3k on her founding launch, and is now up to $20-30k months!

— Lizzie  |  Niche: Birth education

"I closed the cart on my founding launch! Check out these stats:

Email list: 66 to 850, IG audience: 9.2K to 14.1K, Course revenue: $3,300, New clients: 18.

I still can't believe I did all of this in 2 months. I accomplished 10X more than if I tried to DIY it. I could not have done all this in that short of time without CCS and Gemma's guidance!"

(Update: She did a flash open a few months later and did $7k!)

18 new clients for her birthing course and 12X growth of her email list!

— Andi  |  Niche: sewing

"I had been trying to sell my course on sewing machine maintenance for two years and had sold maybe 24 copies at $79. Not very exciting.

I followed the launch plan in CCS and made $3,680. That was with my email list of 250.

Y'all! I am so blown away! Without Gemma's guidance, I never would have known where to start. I for sure feel huge regret that I didn't do this sooner!

More revenue from her sewing course in 2 weeks than she had made in the last 2 years!

— Julie  |  Niche: relationships

My favorite part of CCS are all the kick-ass sequences, tools, and templates. It's SO helpful to know what to say, what to track, what to post, how to validate, etc. CCS is so comprehensive--from conceiving an idea, to growing a list, to sales, to delivery and everything in between. I love how I've been supported at each step of my business journey! CCS was a critical investment for business and it's already paid off ten fold!

I've grown my list from 187 to 1332 in just a few months, I went from making barely anything to currently making $3-4K per month and I've been featured in several magazines including Insider and Refinery29.

“From almost zero to $4k/month. CCS has paid off ten fold!”

— Libby  |  Niche: marketing

I have just uploaded the last lesson of the last module of my course. Happy dance time! 

CCS helped me to think about the structure in a way that was totally different to the workshops I had always run.

Can’t thank you enough for this course, Gemma. I love how you keep everything real. No BS or fluff - simple and effective. I would not have created anything half as good without you!

“I wrote and launched my course and got 31 students right away!”

Proven strategy.  Templates and tools.  Live coaching.

... and a community cheering you on.

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Tune in to interviews with our past students on The Course Creator Show.

Student Success Series


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in two years

Meg's Big win:

Over $10k from her course and huge audience growth

Lizzie's Big win:

Made $11k with her first launch (in 72 hrs!)

Sarah's Big win:

Profitable launch +
email list growth!

Kate's Big win:

$4k launch, 1k subscribers, and then a $43k launch!

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Made $13k in her first launch during covid pivot

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Generated $30k of
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Dani's Big win:

Had 31 students in her first course launch

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  • Canva Templates: The Course Collection

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Chose the pay in full
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  • Monthly Coaching Calls

  • Student Community

  • Email Templates

  • Canva Templates: The Course Collection

  • Canva Template: The Launch Collection

  • Webinars That Work

  • Sales Pages That Convert

  • Build Your List Bootcamp

  • Tech Tutorials

  • $100k Live Launch Debrief

  • Guest Masterclass Series

  • Save $185!

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Gemma will send back personalized feedback and suggested changes to optimize your offer to ensure a successful launch!

This must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase.

To add this VIP option, toggle the button at checkout. 

funny meeting you down here!

Time for a little heart to heart.

If you’ve been in my world for even a little bit, you know I’m all about tough love, but I’m gonna drop that vibe and go full-on biz bestie for a sec.

(Then it’s back to Gemma-Get-ish-Done-Bonham-Carter though).

The number one thing that holds back SO many new course creators?

It’s fear.

Fear that their course isn’t going to sell.
Fear that they don’t have what it takes.
Fear that they won’t commit to making this work.

And if right now, you’re reading this wondering if you can *actually* pull this off—if you can actually make a bigger impact, earn more cash, and have more freedom in your life…

You aren’t alone.

I know because that used to be me.

If you had told me years ago that I would be running a multiple 6-figure business as a mom of two little kiddos working about 20 hours a week, I would have laughed (or cried?) on the spot.

But here’s the thing: I’m no special unicorn. I’m really just your average gal who didn’t want to settle for a life of wishing for the weekends or rushing to the school pick-up line.

So I’m going to take this moment to tell you something I know is true:

You CAN do this.

The life you want—the one where you pile the family in the car and zip off for a week vacation to the shore…

The one where you can close your laptop at 3pm and make homemade pizza for movie night…

The one where you absolutely frigging LOVE what you do and showing up for your business feels fun...

That life IS possible.

And you’re closer to it than ever before.

I mean this from the bottom of my heart: I believe in you.

And I created Course Creator School to help you slash the learning curve, create your online course, and have the freedom you’ve always, always wanted.

Now, if you’re still with me, it’s time for a little of that tough love to light a fire under your booty —

Get on in here and let’s get to work!

Love, Gemma

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Can’t wait to see you on the inside!