Ep131: The One Strategy No Course Coach is Talking About (and how it will automate more sales!)

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In today’s episode, I’m diving into one of the strategies that I use to automate more sales of my courses in my business. 

It’s something I call the “Forever Funnel” and after experimenting with it a little over a year ago, I noticed that it created a lot of advantages in my business: 

Advantage #1: It capitalizes on your best content and makes it work harder for you

Advantage #2: It creates additional pathways to purchase for your leads 

Advantage #3: It automates more of your marketing… and sales

Advantage #4: It opens up conversations with “ready to buy” subscribers 

Tune in to the episode today to learn more about how this strategy works!  

What’s next? 

After testing and trying different marketing strategies since 2017, I’ve landed on a 3-part system that I believe is the most effective way to maximize your course sales. It’s called the “Triple Threat Hybrid Method”.

I’ll be giving a free workshop on Jan 17, 2023 where I’ll be going into this strategy and how you can implement it in 2023 to hit $100k+ in your business.

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