Ep132: How Ellen Mackenzie grew her course sales from $22k to $85k in a year

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Today, we’re chatting with one of our Passive Project Members: EllenMackenzie. 

Ellen is a Social media strategist and coach offering 1:1 social media services and training for other women who wish to build their own SMM business.

In this episode, she is sharing:

  • How she 4x my course sales in one year (US $22k in 2021 to US $85k in 2022)
  • How courses can change your business for 1:1 service providers
  • How TikTok and Youtube generated the most organized leads for her business

Let’s no forget some kind words she had to say about her experience inside of The Passive Project:

“Learning Gemma’s strategy on how to do webinars resulted in a 7% conversion rate! It’s the first time ever I’ve actually had people buy live on a webinar! PP completely changed the way I teach webinars and sell my offers.

I always thought I ran “good” webinars but now my mind has been blown. I realized how much I was hiding my offer at the end and felt guilty trying to sell to people. That mindset shift has been my biggest win from the program. I now have it on an evergreen funnel that’s converting at 2% and I’ve 4X’d my course sales in one year, from $22k to $85k!”

  • Visit her website here.
  • Follow her on IG here.

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