Laura Lopuch is a cold email maverick. She helps solopreneurs send cold and pitch emails that sell naturally.

She was also a member of our program, The Passive Project.

In this interview, Laura shares

  • How (and why) she transitioned from copywriter to cold pitch expert
  • What cold pitches even are, and why they work so well to grow your audience at any stage in business 
  • The difference between a cold sales email versus a cold pitch email 
  • Over 5 different types of cold pitch emails you can use (these go way beyond simple podcast pitches!)
  • Why she set a specific goal of making $200k a year working 12 hours a week 
  • How she built an evergreen funnel before her latest maternity leave, and what she plans on tweaking with it now that she’s back to work

Tune in to this episode to hear it all and go follow Laura over at X and X

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