Ep144: The Power of Podcasting – Top Tips from Executive Producer, Erin Trafford

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In this episode, I have my long-time business friend Erin Trafford as a featured Guest Expert. Erin is a Podcast Network CEO who specializes in podcast strategy, production, and promotion. Fun fact? She produced over 200 podcasts in 2022. 

Erin’s background in radio and broadcasting paved the way to what she does today, as the Executive Producer and Founder of the Story Studio Network.

In this episode, Erin and I talk about: 

Why podcasting can be an invaluable asset to your personal brand business

The podcasting VS video debate and which side we land on (and why) 

Two questions you need to ask yourself when conceptualizing your potential show 

How podcasting can fit within the landscape of social media and email marketing 

Growing your podcast audience and reach 

… and other incredible gems that Erin shared (you won’t want to miss her tip on how to use YouTube to expand the reach of your show! My mind was BLOWN). 

Erin’s new program, Ready to Record, is an incredible opportunity for anyone who is interested in launching a podcast or wants to make their current show more successful.

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Want to get on the waitlist for my friend Erin Trafford’s podcasting program, Ready to Record? It’s launching soon!

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