Ep153: Calculating Your Financial Freedom Number and How I Track My Personal Net Worth

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I’m spilling the tea and serving up some serious money insights in the latest podcast episode!

It was at least 6-7 years ago when I first read about the idea of the “financial freedom” number.

I read about it in a book and immediately started doing the calculations on the back of my notepad to figure out how much we would need invested to retire and never have to make a penny again.

And while that number has changed and evolved over time, given the ideas and dreams my husband and I have for our family, the idea has stuck and is one that we are actively working towards.

(not that I want to retire anytime soon – but your girl loves having a goal!)

In this week’s episode of the podcast, I’m diving into…

  • The FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement
  • Helping you calculate your financial freedom number
  • And figuring out your personal net worth

I’ll also share how I track our personal net worth every quarter – an idea that you can totally swipe for yourself.

Trust me, this episode could change everything about how you are thinking about your money.

Lets roll the tape!

Click ‘play’ to listen:

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