Episode 164 | I’m Moving to France [Part 2]

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Have you ever dreamt of packing up and moving abroad for a year? In this episode of our podcast, Gemma continues to share the behind-the-scenes of her family’s monumental move to France. It’s a blend of excitement, anxiety, planning, and a lot of logistics. If the idea of living overseas piques your interest, or you’re simply curious about the process, this episode is for you.

Gemma dives deep into the overwhelming process of getting a long-term visa, the constant anxiety that comes with waiting for its approval, and her euphoria when it finally arrives. This episode gives you an honest look at what it’s like to plan a life-altering move without the final confirmation from the authorities.

But the visa was just the first step; there was a house in Ottawa to deal with. Renting it out seemed like a logical step, but how? Do you DIY or engage a real estate agent? Gemma shares her journey from trying to handle it herself to eventually finding an agent and securing the perfect tenant.

What do you do with your car when moving abroad? Should you buy, rent, or simply go without a vehicle? With their apartment located in a city with efficient public transport, Gemma reveals their final decision, highlighting the pros and cons that influenced their choice.

She also touches upon one aspect often overlooked by many – health insurance. Moving abroad is exciting but ensuring your family’s health is secured is crucial. Listen to find out how they navigated this essential requirement.

As she prepares for her family’s year in France, Gemma invites listeners to share their stories of living abroad or their future plans. 

Towards the end of the episode, Gemma considers how she’ll document her time in France, while staying true to her brand’s core values. Is a second Instagram handle on the horizon? Or a monthly recap on the podcast? 

Listen in as Gemma explores these questions and prepares for the next big adventure. This episode is full of insights, reflections, and a wealth of practical information for anyone considering a significant move abroad.

If you’re looking to be inspired, gather some valuable tips, or simply want to follow Gemma’s journey, tune in now and enjoy the ride!

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