Episode 163 | The Big Secret I’ve Been Keeping [Part One]

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Gemma’s got a big secret she’s finally ready to spill! 

In this episode of the podcast, she takes you behind the scenes of a life-altering decision – a monumental move abroad!

If you’ve been feeling the itch for a change of scenery or you just enjoy a good old-fashioned adventure story, buckle up and get ready to hear about the latest travel plans Gemma has in store for her family. 

Tune in to hear her spill the tea about her big move to Europe – an idea that started as a whisper of ‘What if?’ and has now turned into a resounding ‘We’re off!’

Between the decision on where to go, getting visas, finding an apartment, and more – Gemma is sharing the rollercoaster of it all in part one of this two part podcast series. 

This episode is a whirlwind of emotions, practical tips, and insightful reflections. Perfect for those contemplating a major move abroad or anyone who loves a good life journey. Tune in, fasten your seatbelt, and join Gemma on this grand adventure.

And yes… you’ll have to hit play to hear where exactly Gemma and her family are moving to! 

Sorry not sorry 😉 

Click ‘play’ to listen:

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