Ep28: How You Can Add Passive Income to Your Freelancing Business, with Samantha Ste Marie

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Do you sell service and think that you might want to add passive income into the mix?

Are you unsure about how you can make that transition?

Well, my Gemma Bonham-Carter team member and right-hand-gal, Samantha Ste Marie, is here to talk about how she started freelancing, how she got her first few clients, our journey working together, and how she has started making the transition into passive income in her business.

Samantha has over five years of experience working with Online Course Creators to help them get more leads and customers through their funnels. She done everything from community management and content creation to live launch planning and hiring. She’s warn all the hats and now specialized in systems and project management!

On the show today, Samantha is dishing on:

  • Her journey as a freelancer, and how it started with her getting fired
  • How she got her first few clients
  • Traditional marketing methods that people tend to shy away from, but are actually really effective
  • Her transition into passive income and how simple it can be

If it sounds juicy that’s because it is! 

Tune in for the full interview with the my right-hand-gal, Samantha Ste Marie.

Click ‘play’ to listen:

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