Ep38: How Lauren Keplinger made $3000 from her tripwire teaching about Etsy

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In Today’s show I’m sitting down with one of the members from The Passive Project – our signature program that helps digital product entrepreneurs market and scale their online courses and digital offers. 

Lauren Keplinger is a 6-figure Etsy seller who knew she needed to share her Etsy tips with others. She started her second business, coaching other etsy sellers, but was super frustrated with the up and down launches of her course and not bringing in any revenue in between those launches.

She was about to throw in the towel on her course business.

But after joining The Passive Project, she got a tripwire up and running which brought in over $3000 within a few months and she’s grown her email list by over 50% too.

And that’s just the beginning. 

The girl is on fire. 

In this interview with her, I asked her to share her journey, her tips, what worked and didn’t, so that you could apply the same tactics to your business.

Let’s roll the episode.

Click ‘play’ to listen:

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