Ep44: How to Create an Online Course with Teachery Founder, Jason Zook

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On this week’s episode I’m sitting down with Jason Zook. 

If you don’t know Jason, he started an online business over 10 years ago with a wacky idea called iWearYourShirt, that he turned into a business generating over a million bucks.

He has since written books, launched online courses, coached hundreds of other entrepreneurs, and created a software company.

All with his unique edge. If Jason Zook is doing something – I can guarantee you, he is doing it differently than everybody else.

In today’s show, he and I are digging into online courses. What makes a great course versus one that flops? Is the infopreneur market too saturated? How has he and Caroline (his incredible wife) created and sold over 30 courses between them?

And then we’re diving into Teachery. Jason is the founder Teachery – an online course software platform.

I have used Teachery myself for years to deliver all of my courses, membership, and other digital products and I wanted to have him on the show to speak to how Teachery stands out against the competition, what makes it a great platform to use as a course creator, and what’s coming up with their company. 

That’s all on today’s show – so stay tuned.

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