Ep162: Unlock the Power of Evergreen Funnels and Facebook Ads with Anna Konchar

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In today’s episode, we dive deep into innovative ways to test and market your online course, with our guest and digital marketing maven, Anna Konchar.

Show highlights: 

  • Anna’s Journey – Anna opens up about her journey from dreaming of a corporate career, to realizing that it wasn’t her true passion, and finally finding success with online courses and memberships. 
  • Innovative Market Testing – Anna explains her innovative approach to market testing using small-budget Facebook and Instagram ads, providing actionable advice for aspiring course creators.
  • Challenges of Scaling – We explore the difficulties course creators face when trying to scale their businesses, including marketing to both warm and cold audiences.
  • Creating Authentic Urgency – Anna and Gemma delve into the importance of creating authentic urgency in sales. They talk about their use of Deadline Funnel to ensure that this sense of urgency is genuine.
  • Understanding Open and Closed Enrollment – Anna unravels the concept of open and closed enrollment. She discusses its potential benefits but warns that it may be confusing to those outside of the industry.
  • Balancing Limited Number of Spots and Evergreen Funnels – Anna highlights the difficulties of implementing the limited number of spots strategy in evergreen funnels. 
  • The Power and Pitfalls of Discounting – The conversation shifts to the strategy of discounting. Anna talks about her personal experience, discussing how it works effectively for her but is not without its challenges.
  • Influences from Giant Retailers – Gemma and Anna explore how strategies from large retailers can be adopted into online businesses. They encourage listeners to look beyond their industry for inspiration and innovative strategies.

Tune in next week for more insights to help you create, launch, and scale your online course.

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