Ep70: How launching is changing in 2021, with Launch Copy Coach Chelsea Wallace

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2020 was a transformative year in a lot of ways, including stirring up some major shifts in the online business space.

I think it’s safe to say that most entrepreneurs are thinking about their businesses with a whole new lens and want to make sure they feel authentic and in alignment with their values.


Are we going to spend 2021 with “business as usual” launches? 

Using the same tactics that we’ve always used to sell our programs and products?

Chelsea Wallace, The Launch Copy Coach, sure doesn’t think so. 

Chelsea has worked behind the scenes on launches for some giants in the industry – think Marie Forleo, Marley Jaxx, and others – and she has some serious insight on what some of these big trends and shifts look like.

Join us today as we talk about what live launching in 2021 will look like. And get some of Chelsea’s best tips on not only how to survive live launches – but actually thrive and love them.

Let’s roll the tape!

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