Ep68: Breaking the Rules as an Entrepreneur – with Kaitlyn Kessler

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Have you ever felt dread or that pit-in-your-stomach feeling when it comes to your business?

Like cancelling a discovery call at the last minute, not wanting to show up and talk about your offers, or ignoring certain tasks on your to-do list?

Well, it could be because something in your business is out of alignment.

What if instead you could build a business that truly lit you up? That felt way more in tune with what you really loved doing?

That’s what I’m talking about this week with our guest expert, Kaitlyn Kessler. Kaitlyn is a mindset coach who helps entrepreneurs break the rules and expectations and ultimately create a business that fits them like a glove.

If you’re thinking about where you want to take your own business in 2021 and doing all that goal-setting that is so common around this time of year, make sure to tune into this episode so you can do it in a way that truly lights you up.

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