Ep19: The 5 Phases of Launching with Taylor Slango

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You know you have to launch your products, but you don’t know where to start or what is actually involved in a launch.

When do you start talking about your product? 

How do you build anticipation?

What can you do to get people to actually hit that buy button on your course, membership, or other offer?

Today we have Taylor Slango joining us on The Passive Project Podcast. Taylor is a mindset and business coach who has run incredible launches for herself and her clients.

She is dishing on:

  • How she did a 10K launch in her second month of business
  • The 5 phases you need to understand in order to have a successful launch
  • How often you should be launching 
  • Why having a sales mindset is so critically important to your success

Tune in to this juicy episode and walk away with complete clarity on how to tackle your next product launch!

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Show Notes:

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Elevate 2020

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