Ep22: How Luisa Built Her Coaching Business to $1.1 Million in 11 Months

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Are you stuck in that 9-5 day job that you really aren’t loving? 

Our guest on today’s show is Luisa Zhou and that her reality too. She had created an incredible engineering career for herself and then felt trapped.

After testing out multiple business ideas, Luisa finally landed on the right one that allowed her to leave her job. Now, Luisa runs LuisaZhou.com, selling courses and group coaching programs that have helped thousands of students go from employee to entrepreneur. 

And yes, in Luisa’s first 11 months of running this business she created $1.1 million dollars in sales. 

Incredible right?

Luisa is joining us today on The Passive Project Podcast to share:

  • The business ideas she tried before she found the right one that stuck
  • What being a “coach” really means, and how you might be one without knowing it
  • Her launch strategy that took her from an $8000 launch to an $800,000 launch within months
  • How her business has evolved since then and what it looks like today

There are so many juicy tips in this episode. It’s a MUST LISTEN! 

Let’s dive in…  

Click ‘play’ to listen:

Show Notes:

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