Ep23: Health, Wellness, & Showing Up For Yourself, with Kelly O’Rourke

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One of my core beliefs in entrepreneurship is that the more effort you put into your personal development, the more your business will grow.

I can safely say that for me, the more I have focused on improving my health and wellness, my mindset, and making sure I am taking care of myself as a high priority, that my ability to show up as an incredible entrepreneur, make better decisions, and ultimately grow my income and impact have all skyrocketed. 

This past year, one of my main goals was to become more habitual about my physical fitness. I have been able to create new habits for myself where I am getting high intensity exercise every single day, and holy moly, does it ever feel amazing for my body and mind. 

In today’s episode of The Passive Project Podcast, I am really excited to welcome my own health coach Kelly O’Rourke to the show.

Kelly is a transformative health coach, a mama of two little boys, an entrepreneur, and a very thoughtful and inspiring human being. She is literally THE reason I am working out every single day, and loving it. 

On today’s show we are talking about:

  • How to prioritize physical fitness 
  • The workout program she and I both use
  • What our morning routines look like
  • The importance of diving into mind, body, and soul health, especially as an entrepreneur

It’s a really good one. Let’s dive in! 

Click ‘play’ to listen:

Show Notes:

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