Ep30: How Abbey Ashley did a half MILLION dollar course launch (without ads!)

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You’ve seen the insane online course success stories. The 6-figure course launch. The passive income potential. 

But how does it actually happen? Are these really real people having these massive successes?

Well… the answer is yes.

On today’s show, we have my friend Abbey Ashley sharing her story. Abbey went from from starting a VA business at 8 months pregnant, to launching her first course, and then building it to a half-million dollar launch within the span of a few years.

You’ll learn… 

  • Why her first launch was a flop and what she would never do again
  • How often she launches her course
  • Her juiciest tips for building an email list
  • And more!

Tune into today’s episode and get ready to be crazy inspired by this mama of two from Missouri.

Click ‘play’ to listen:

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