Ep31: How to create systems in your business to work smarter (not harder!), with Tasha Booth

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When you’re starting out as an online entrepreneur, you wear all the hats. 

You learn all the tools. 

You figure out the strategies.

And you just do ALL the things.

But as it all piles up, it can start to feel majorly overwhelming. There are too many moving pieces, too many tasks on the to-do list, and you may even start to get that burn-out feeling.

Usually what happens next is you hire your first VA.

But that’s a mistake. 

Do you know what you should do FIRST? Create systems. 

A system is a process you develop and use in your business for every single repeatable task. And they can be game-changers.

Often once we have implemented effective systems, we may still need to hire a new team member, but we can save so much money by not needing them for as many hours AND the training and on-boarding process is so much easier.

On today’s episode we have systems expert, Tasha Booth, coming in to talk to us about how to create the right systems in our business, best practices, and some hot tips and hacks we can use to work smarter.

Let’s dive in! 

Click ‘play’ to listen:

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