Ep46: How Goli quit her law career and launched her first digital offer

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We all know the stories. The ones of people quitting their soul-sucking jobs and starting the entrepreneurial dream.

My friend Goli is one of those people, leaving her law career behind and starting a whole new business. One that she wasn’t sure would work.

She chronicles her story and others in her popular podcast, Lessons from a Quitter.

Goli is now a Business Coach for others who want to quit their jobs and find their true passion.

I sat down to chat with Goli about how she did it. What did she do first? Where did she start? How did she grow her audience?  And how can others find their true calling?

If you’re feeling drained from your 9-5 gig, want to figure out what actually makes you happy, and you’re looking for a way out, this is a must-listen episode!

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