Ep49: Forget “Nail Your Niche” and do THIS instead to make more online course sales

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If I had $5 for every time I heard an entrepreneurial guru tell me to “nail my niche” I would’ve made that million a LONG time ago.

And let me be real. I’m pretty sure I have lessons called “how to nail your niche” inside of some of my own programs.

BUT when it comes to selling an online course or digital offer, I want you to forget nailing your niche and instead NAIL YOUR TRANSFORMATION.

The whole reason an online course sells like hotcakes is because people want the results it offers. They want that solution to their pain point. And the faster + easier your course gives them that solution? The easier the purchasing decision is.

If you want your online course to end up on the best-seller list instead of in the course graveyard, you need to get crystal clear on what that BEFORE → AFTER transformation is for your customer.

Let’s say you are marketing a course for moms all about how to homeschool kids.

If you were following the usual “nail your niche” questions, you might end up with this:

My niche are “North American homeschooling moms who are 25-40, have 2+ kids, love to be outside, are athletic + adventurous, live in a rural setting, workout everyday, and eat plant-based”.

And at first it’s all like “Yay! I nailed my customer avatar!”  

But all you really have are a bunch of characteristics of that person that are all pretty superficial. 

Whether that mom is outdoorsy and adventurous or loves to stay in and binge Bravo while she drinks a glass of pinot doesn’t really have any effect on whether they buy your program or not.

What does matter are those deeper pain points that mom is experiencing.

Where are they BEFORE they take your course? How are they feeling? What do they think? What do they have? What do they believe?

And where are they AFTER they take your program? 

Tune in to this week’s podcast episode to get way more clarity on how to nail your course transformation.

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