Ep54: How to make money with webinars

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The best strategy I use to make sales in my business? WEBINARS.

I personally use webinars – or masterclasses, as you might’ve seen them referred to – to grow my revenue and enroll students into my courses and programs.

Webinars, combined with email marketing, have been the catalyst to my multiple 6 figure business. They are a game changer. I have had over $10k days – like actual money in the bank, not anticipated payment plan payments – just from hosting a single webinar.

I teach all of my clients and students to use them too…

Like Tara who had a 25% conversion rate on her first webinar, and then had 10 more prospective students waiting for her in her inbox after she got off the webinar.

Or Rachel who made $5k in her launch using a webinar. 

Or Vicki, who’s live webinar converted at 15%. 

I want that for you too. So I took your questions about webinars and am answering them all today.

  • What is a webinar?
  • Who should use them?
  • What should a webinar include?
  • How much do you give away in a webinar?
  • And my fave – How to make your webinar NOT a huge sleaze fest?

Let’s dive in.

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