Ep55: The 3-step system to create your online course content WAY more effectively

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“Gemma… creating a course sounds way too overwhelming. It’s going to take me forever to record every single video, make the workbooks, and do all the things. I’m out.” 

Are you being a negative nelly about actually putting in the work to create your course? 

You can’t just make a crappy course and then expect to rake in millions of dollars. (Despite what the bro marketing lamborghini ads would have you believe)

But… the course content creation process doesn’t have to be horribly stressful, either.

It comes down to having a solid course map, batching tasks, and tackling things in the right order.

After creating 5+ courses myself, I’ve kinda got it down to a science. 

The last program I made is my most comprehensive and yet took me the least amount of time to pump out. 

In this week’s episode I’m sharing with you my 3-step system to creating online course content. 

I’m not going to pretend you can whip this out in a couple of days. That’s not how transformative, long-lasting courses are created.

But I am going to share with you exactly how to systematically work through creating your course content so you can end up with a program you are really excited about and proud of. And one that your students will be obsessed with. 

Let’s roll the tape!

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